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The ‘brickery’ nearly completed

It’s May 2010 and finally the last of the external toilet bricks have found a home. From the time the external toilet walls were taken down [before they fell down] a few years ago till today the area has been a cause for concern. Now that the end of the ‘pull down the external toilet block project has occurred there are so many outreaching outcomes resulting that a great deal of good has occurred.

In a few weeks time a fundraiser is taking place.  The front entrances gardens needed revamping once again and the last of the bricks needed a home.  The front entrance took volunteers a half day.

In despair the bricks at the back of the Hazelwood South Hall were looked at once again.  A light went on.  Why move the rest of the bricks away when this would add ‘dump’ costs to the bill already associated to these bricks. If any of the guides could make it there they would be working toward the ‘Looking after our World’ section of the Centenary Challenge award.  There were apologies from three of the older Guides. Hockey for one and a family trip to Melbourne for the other two  were the reasons for their non attendance.

A few years ago a local tree cutting company delivered a few loads of tan bark.  This year another load turned up.  The need to use this by the next fundraising venture became pressing.

Now there was literally no money, time, plenty of bricks not yet recycled, and tan bark along with a concrete slab that had sharp thing like the cemented in build connections down under the floor.   Thankfully a bit of lateral thinking occurred.  Rather than remove all the bricks and run out of time, money, energy and being unable to lend character to the area why not make a rock garden type of garden?  There were already two piles of brick pieces and mortar on the slab.  Three piles near it. If all the bricks around were placed back onto the floor slab on ‘mountains’ and tan bar in the ‘valleys’ created, then add a two brick high wall around, Thats where the Gorilla Garden concept came back.  The idea took hold.

Another Saturday was coming up.  Could we get more volunteers to assist?

As it turned out the District Leader was held up at work so turned up late [10.53am].  Therefor it is not known if people turned up at 10.30am. Being the only one there the logical thing was to get started. The pile of pieces of bricks nearest the slab floor was tackled.  These part bricks and pieces of mortar went into creating another ‘mountain’ on the slab floor. Half way through this pile three more adults and two young children turned up

One pile of bricks was done then another was tackled.  The left over mortar from the first was racked onto the slab area.  Then the remaining was shoveled onto the mountain too.

Most of the broken bricks were moved over to the floor slab.  That left pieces of mortar lying around.  Towards the end of the day another 400 odd bricks went away for some job or other.  The remaining bricks will either go to another mans home for a brick BBQ area to be made there.  Or they will end up in the “brickery”

Over the next few days the

  • Most of the remaining mortar will have been picked up and recycled.
  • The rest of the tan bark will be shovelled up and be on the ‘brickery’.
  • The grass area around will be down and maintained.
  • The Blackberry near the ‘brickery’ will be cut back and poisoned.
  • A rubbish to the dump trip will be done.
  • A few small trees will be relocated along the boundary between the Hazelwood South reserve and the Hack of the Hazelwood South Hall..

At this point the muscles may be making themselves known to a few of the volunteers, but the knowledge that one of the outcomes from the end of the project has the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guides upgrading and recreating objectives being achieved coming closer. The Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide members using the Hazelwood South Hall will find it easier to maintain the Hazelwood South Hall as a standard measure of presentation and looking neat and tidy is already been set.

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