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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The story behind improvements at the Hazelwood South Hall.

A piece of history that needed to be recorded with regard to what we, the leases of the Hazelood South Hall, may do with/ to the Hall and land the Hazelwood South Hall sits on.
Debbie Gallagher and Tom Lawless arranged a meeting with the Department of Sustainability and Environment lady, myself and Lisa Price [mayor at time]  Lisa Price had kindly offered to chair the meeting.  Which once it got started went for maybe five minutes.
We were all stilling there waiting for the DSE person to arrive.  I explained things to Lisa.  Brought her up to date with what had happened since the last meeting [about four years before].  I come this lady and down she dumps about a foot and a half of document.  Do I ask what the documents were for?  Oh Course I do.  Turns out they were the files relating to the Hazelwood South Hall.  Mind you I then say that “are they now complete since I sent them the copies of the Hall layout, water and pump lines etc”.  Ouch… if looks could kill.
Any way the DSE rep stated that under no circumstances could we rent out the hall to non members of the Girl Guides….Soccer club had been complaining see.  Actually Soccer Club wanted us out so that they could have the hall themselves.
I asked what was the problem. The response to the accusation that we were ‘renting it out to non Guide members’ was countered with ‘no we are not.  Prove it.” [Similar words to this] Before she could say anything else I asked the DSE rep just what was a Girl Guide? Who could be members of Girl Guides?  What did she actually understand about Girl Guides?
Then again before the DSE rep could answer these I thought I would share with here the following…  “Especially since the District Team could be anyone over 18 years of age who was either a full member or an associated member.”
Strange at this point in time the DSE rep picked up her files and walked out.  no argument forth coming.
Lisa and I just looked at each other.  Not one word was said and no one laughed.  We knew then what we had uncovered.
Tomorrow I will be down at the Hall again.  Today all I did was transplant five little shrubs between the shrub nearest the back door area and the corner fence pole of the farm/reserve.  What better fence line than a suggested one.  Especially since when the orginial shrubs were, given to us by the Latrobe Shire [Latrobe City Council now]and were meant to be natives of this area, to be planted 15 years ago around the reserve between the Soccer ground and the Haxelwood South Hall. They even lent us the tools to dig the holes for the seedlings and supplied the stakes. When we arrived back at Guides the next week most of the shrubs had been removed by pulling them out or driven over.  The stakes were thrown all over the show.
Over the next weeks most of the rest of the shrubs and their stakes had gone too.
Were they taken out by people unknown. ????
given the history what would have been our response to every thing been and gone and our further responses.

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