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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What’s happening around Hazelwood South Hall.

Over the last few weeks the volunteers from the Hazelwood South Hall sub-committee and others from the District Team have been busy with  maintenance at the Hazelwood South Hall making two garden beds at the front entrance, getting rid of  or recycling bricks, creating a ‘brickery’, transplant saplings shrubs and raking out the leaf mulch from the shrubs around [recycling this into the ‘Brickery’] and digging into a pile of tan bark that was kindly donated and needed to be used.

The saplings are to stand in good stead of a fence running between the back farmers fence and the Hazelwood South Reserve towards the lone shrub planted fifteen years ago near the back of the Hazelwood South Hall. The hope is that the wet season will encourage the re-rooting to occur significantly that come summer they may survive.

What has happened now that the Hazelwood District Team has recognized where it stood and what it stood in they Leaders have completed a written needs analysis, has a direction to go,  various strategies are identified to work with, people are coming together an inclusive pathway has been developed. The Hazelwood South Hall is beginning to be pushed into an SWOT opportunity category. With more work then it will be in a strength category. the history behind and the knowledge and enthusium, belief behind the improvements to be made needed to be understood and known by all stakeholders should  the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District go forward..

When the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide Unit began to pull together the Hazelwood South Hall improvements would begin to happen.  These are slowly  happening now. The work towards improving the Hazelwood South Hall  outcomes are looking positive.  One step at a time the Hazelwood South Hall  improvements will be seen..


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