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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Have you tried the fifty cent game?

Someone neutral flips the coin to either head or tail.  Yells out the result.  Two things happen here depending on the result.

1) If head- the ‘it’ can move one movement.  Usually a step.  Can also slither (and reach out) along ground so that where her hand finishes she can either tag someone or get up at that point.

2) If tails the girls can move two movements.

In either of these movements the initial foot is not to leave the ground.  Must be planted there until ready to move to final position…directly under the reaching out hand.

NOTE the tagged girls go to the side and have to wait out 30 counts. thats a real sideline as we get them to count out loud.  Ten if they are year ones. Five if prep at beginning of year.

Great way of honoring a guest or a new member.  Until they realise they would have more fun playing along with the other girls.

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This is a simple cushion.  Great to have on camp providing there is plastic under it.

You will need:

2 x cm square of polar fleece 50 cm cushion

1.     Cut two 65 cm squares of polar fleece

2.      Measure 10 cm from the sides and pin all the way around the sides.

3.      Using sharp scissors cut a fringe at about 15 mm intervals through both fabrics up to the pins.

4.      Cut out each corner of the blanket.

5.     Tie the corresponding strips of the fringe together in a knot on 3 sides only.

Remove pins.

6.      Gently pull and smooth the fabric as you tie around the blanket to stop it puckering.

7.      Insert a 50 cm cushion insert into the cushion.

AGP Links: All 4 elements plus Promise and Law (to help other people) Fundamentals: Service, Patrol System

Guides Victoria Communicating – August 2006 – Page 9

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Strange but true…real life experiences of a …Guide

Some times there are things that happen when camping that make the ones who have been there done that just walk around with smiles on their faces for the rest of the weekend.

So I’m starting a strange but true list of things that actually happened to either a Hazelwood or a Churchill Guide.  Some of which as youth members must be nearly sixty years old.  Wow.

  • haha I remember back in the day when we went camping at Kath Tanians place and we were woken in the middle of the night by koalas mating and we thought we were going to be murdered lol…. ah the things little girls think up in their minds!
  • one father made a plastic toilet seat on a welded metal frame.  His daughter hated using the long drop so never went .  Always coming hope bogged up and needing to go.  I don’t even think that she went coming after the toilet seat was donated.  But others enjoyed the ‘oh what a feeling’ of relief.
  • Guiding had changed their uniform in the early 1990’s.  Guides were allowed to choose their own uniform colors. We were going on a camp.  The challege was given to the Gyuides.  The leaders were told to stay where we were and have morning tea.  The Guides went up and over the Hill.  The two youngest (Ipec and Sharon) were made the centurary.  Making sure the Leaders stayed were we were ment to.

Back down the Hill the Guides came with the all important announcement that their color was chose.  Bright purple it was to be.  To this day I do not                       know how I managed to keep a straight face.  Over the years the Unit ended up with a bright Purple Unit Flag [still have it], bright Purple back packs

[have about ten of the orginial twenty two] and various size dome and light weight tents all purple too.

Two Guides went to a Patrol Leaders camp.  All weekend they wore changes of Bright Purple unit shirts.  For over six months the Guide Shop was                         flooded with bright purple shirt orders.

As a leader I was told that I had influenced the Guides in their choice. The then State advisor of the Girl Guide section asked me about the accusioations.             I told her then that I had hated purple from a very young age.  Why would I influence the Guides choice?

Months later the same State Advisor rang up and told me the new Jumior Bp and Bp badge colors were chosen.  The Bp was of course Blue and Gold.                    The Junior BP was Purple and Gold…. in honor of me.

To this day I do not know if she was pulling my leg or telling me the truth.

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The Old Australian Girl Guide Knotter Badge

This badge syllabus was found in an 1984 Australian Girl Guide Handbook . As Leaders we are often asked to relate the new badge syllabus with the old  Girl Guide or Brownie Guide ones.

1 a Tie each of the following knots in ten seconds:
Bowline Clove-Hitch Donkey-Hitch Overhand
Fisherman Packers Reef Round turn and two half hitches
Sheet Bend Timber Hitch.
b Demonstrate the use of any three knots chosen by the assessor.
2 a Construct a tripod.
b Demonstrate these lashings
Square Diagonal Snake
Make a gadget using at least two of these.
3 Demonstrate three of the following whippings
Sail maker’s West country Simple
including the relaying of the end of a rope, back splice, eye splice.
4 Make one of the following:
Lanyard Dog lead String bag Hammock
or the equivalent approved by the assessor.

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The Bowline knot [page under construction]

The bowline knot is used to make a loop which will not slip. This particular knot is used in rescue work as it has the ability to be tied around the person, animal or what ever is being rescued.

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We have had visitors

Over the last few weeks some odd things have been happening at the Glendonald Child and Maternal Health Center.

When I am in the center by my self the front door is locked behind me. I leave at and all the doors and windows are closed and  locked.

Yesterday Ray was driving home.  A young teen was mucking around in the bushes with five or six mates. These same people had come into the entrance of Guides last week, peered into the meeting room windows. Actually the girl that Ray saw is a near neighbor and was holding what looked like a meter high shrub.   I thought nothing of this at the time.  Having shifted moldy tan bark I either had a cold or a reaction.  All I wanted was sleep..

While walking the dog this morning I saw pieces of tree broken and in the park.  Went to the fence and there were the climbing gym things tracks as people had pulled these under the trees, enabling the trees to be climbed.

The rock that was a the bottom of the fence i pulled out.  Down came the fence.  Just missed the dog and myself. That is when I saw the imprints of some one having scaled the fence and landing in the tan bark on the other side. The inside gate was open between one side and the other.  Well I now knew how they got over and where they went.

Around the front of the place I now noticed the meter box had been opened at some time.  The two rubbish bins [recycling and waste ones] had been moved under the front porch gutter.  There was an easily seen dent on this gutter. The front entrance had a strange bit of wood left behind.

Further around there was a window that had dry rot taken out so that the bottom of the glass could  be seen. A half log had been left there on the ground. Tin sheets from the fence next door had come down and were laying there.  Then there were the hale eaten citrus fruit lying there.

The police have had to be informed as well as the Latrobe City Council.

The maintenance man came out.  We went inside.  The mens toilets had been used, then at some time stood on.  The lid was crooked and the toilet not flushed.  The room stunk.  The other toilets were okay.  The Kinda had not been entered into.  The main room that the Guides use appeared okay.  We did not check the kitchen area of our main office area.  The maintenance man checked everywhere else.

What has caused this worry is been that over the last few weeks I have found the toilet window open.  The fly screen still in place.  Toilet lights on when they were turned off. On going into the building the doors have appeared locked.  I open the door and it has locked on me.  At one stage I thought I was going nuts. But we know that when we leave through the front doors the toilet lights are rechecked at the front entrance and the front door handle is pulled down and out. Just to check that we have indeed locked the front door.

The conclusion is that there has been visitors. But Paul, the maintenance man suggests they have entered when we meet there??  How can this be when the toilets are checked as a security measure against this type of thing happening?

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Duty Roster : over night stay 2010 no 1

Before going on this overnight stay the Guides decided what the Patrols were Going to be called. Then they sorted out which patrol was going to have the first shot at cooking or cleaning.  On day one the cooks were to be the Koalas…the younger Patrol.

Day one Day two
Cooks koala Pinks
Wood and Water Pinks Koala

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Suggested Program for overnight stay no 1 2010

Day one Food and refreshments
1:00 PM Arrive Over the time try to make :
Set up camp activities Short bread England
Chocolate fondu Swiss
Corn Bread Mexican
Chai drink Indian
3:00 PM Afternoon tea.
Wide Game Fruit and Biscuits
Tri Pods
Gods eyes
Cooking biscuits
6:00 PM Dinner
9.30 PM Supper
Marshmellows and somores
Walk [Rac Wac]
Take bubble wonds
Make / reaffirm Promise
Day two
8:00 AM Breakfast
Begin Clean away Cereals
10:00 AM Morning tea
10.30 AM Craft
12 .00 Lunch
12.45 Closing Ceremony
1 .00 PM camp Dismissed.

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Whistle signals

To have learned  and practised the whistle signals properly takes time.  By yourself these signals can be memorised and yes practised.  But that’s on sided learning in that there is no input from others.

Learing the whistle signals as a patrol activity makes this an interesting and memorable activity. The practical side is that emergency response signals [hand or Whistle] for the meeting area are then introduced. The procedures for both the Hazelwood South Hall and the Glendonald Child and Maternal Health Center are also current in the Patrols head.

  1. The Patrols choose their own special signal.
  2. Leader uses scatter signal to send patrols searching for tokens hidden round playing area.
  3. If one is found, finder stands still until PL notices, signals patrol to assemble before patrol collects token.
  4. Whenever leader signals “rally”, first patrol back earns extra token; last patrol forfeits one.
  • Vary with “PL come here”; deduct a token from patrols of any girls who mistake that signal for “rally”.

The giving of gifts and taking away of gifts is meant to build up patrol enjoyment and act as a stimulant to patrol team pirit.

The orginial ideas for this activity came from a Mc Evory, M. Program Compendium : a life line for leaders in Brownie Guide

and Guide sections. Girl Guide Association of Victoria 1985  What was not put in the instructions was that each Guide had to have their own personal whistle [hygiene reasons] and that this is a good one to practice somewhere other than indoors!

Other variations are the learning of an emergency signal or two.

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