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Have you tried the fifty cent game?

Someone neutral flips the coin to either head or tail.  Yells out the result.  Two things happen here depending on the result.

1) If head- the ‘it’ can move one movement.  Usually a step.  Can also slither (and reach out) along ground so that where her hand finishes she can either tag someone or get up at that point.

2) If tails the girls can move two movements.

In either of these movements the initial foot is not to leave the ground.  Must be planted there until ready to move to final position…directly under the reaching out hand.

NOTE the tagged girls go to the side and have to wait out 30 counts. thats a real sideline as we get them to count out loud.  Ten if they are year ones. Five if prep at beginning of year.

Great way of honoring a guest or a new member.  Until they realise they would have more fun playing along with the other girls.

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