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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The Old Australian Girl Guide Knotter Badge

This badge syllabus was found in an 1984 Australian Girl Guide Handbook . As Leaders we are often asked to relate the new badge syllabus with the old  Girl Guide or Brownie Guide ones.

1 a Tie each of the following knots in ten seconds:
Bowline Clove-Hitch Donkey-Hitch Overhand
Fisherman Packers Reef Round turn and two half hitches
Sheet Bend Timber Hitch.
b Demonstrate the use of any three knots chosen by the assessor.
2 a Construct a tripod.
b Demonstrate these lashings
Square Diagonal Snake
Make a gadget using at least two of these.
3 Demonstrate three of the following whippings
Sail maker’s West country Simple
including the relaying of the end of a rope, back splice, eye splice.
4 Make one of the following:
Lanyard Dog lead String bag Hammock
or the equivalent approved by the assessor.

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