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Chocolate balls and sprinkles

When you open the cupboard and find no coconut but sprinkles what do you do.  You alter the Chocolate Ball recipe.  Ahh! kitchen science in motion. The mixture looked a bit wet so another packet of Girl Guide biscuits got squashed and added to the mix.  I’ll find out how these firmed up and whether the mixture becomes to dry at the morning tea.


  • 3 packets Girl Guide Plain Biscuits
  • 2 tins condensed milk
  • 3 TO 4 tablespoons cocoa
  • Approx 2 Large packets of sprinkles


  1. Place Girl Guide biscuits into a plastic bag, tied and placed into another plastic bag.  This plastic bag is tied well as well.
  2. Now using a rolling pin crush the biscuits.
  3. Once to a consistent texture pour into a medium size bowl.
  4. Add cocoa and stir.
  5. Pour in condensed milk and combine thoroughly.
  6. Pour sprinkles into a shallow bowl.
  7. Using a tablespoon of mixture, roll into ball then drop into coconut and cover completely.
  8. Place chocolate ball into a container and continue making balls until you have used all the mixture.
  9. If you want a smooth round ball you may have to re-roll in the palm of your sprinkled hands the chocolate ball.
  10. Place in an airtight container in the fridge until set.
  11. They are kept best in the fridge even once set.

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Play Group information as of 11th April 2010.

Mid 2009 the Gipps Guides were brainstorming among themselves for Service to the Community Ideas.  One suggestion put forward was to start a play group.

The idea was looked into and people with children under five were asked about the idea.  Several times the concept came up in both the Gipps Guide and the Hazelwood District Leaders meetings.

People were interested in getting a Play group going for the beginning of the 2010 year. At the time however the Gipp’s Guides were not enough in number to carry off the Play Group development.

Between the April District Leaders meeting and the May District Leaders meeting it was discovered that someone else had apparently put the proposal to the Latrobe City  Council who now runs a Play Group through the Churchill Hub.

This being the case it is felt that carrying on a Play Group development concept is not be beneficial to the community of Churchill.  Therefore the Hazelwood and Churchill District Team wish the Play Group, the parents and the management well.  In fact some of our new District Guide members families have children going to the play group.  The parents of these Guides have become involved with different jobs that need to be done.  A great learning curve is being experienced by all.  The skills of which are able to be continued as the Guides members parents support their Guides through their Guiding life.

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Sub committees set a with standards.

Turniing up and slapping together a bunch of food with a drink is not the way to make a good impression….of your self or the invited Guests. The Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District have various a Duty of Care oblications list.  The Duty of Care obligations cover:

  • the invited Guests,
  • The youth members
  • The youth members family and friends.
  • The adult members – [associated or full]  presidence
  • The District Team
  • The people and officialdom that we represent [ the latrobe City Council as we utilize their building and the World wide sisterhood  Guides .  After all we are the local chapter so to speak]

As such there are protocoals and standards that are set.  As District Leader of the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District, I believe whole hartly that the Morning Teas offered will be up to the Sub-committee best standards and will shine a golden light on Guiding in this Dsitrict.

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Sub-Committee things to do to organize a Morning tea.

  • Email everything as attachments to susanc@speedweb.com.au so that the information may be posted on ours2share.wordpress.com
  • Keep up to date by referring to ours2share.com.au frequently.
  • All members to join Hazelwood Churchill District Guide[s] on face book.  All posts from ours2share.wordpress.com are automatically posted here.
  • Does everyone on the sub committee have everyones phone numbers, emergency contact details, email addresses?
  • Decide the date of the morning tea.
  • Arrange planning meetings.
  • Have your worked out the job descriptions yet?
  • Any special Guest speakers?  [ Do not make this a fundraising venture.]
  • Do you have a Guest book [ suppliments as a attendance register in emergency procedures]
  • SWOT updates – utilized the previous SWOTs and Evaluations
  • Risk Analysis Form completed
  • Does every one know the emergency evacuation drill procedure?
  • Where is the whistle for the emergency alert.
  • Invitations list drawn up.
  • How to notify people of Morning Tea.
  • What complemetary united ‘look’ is the Morning Tea sub-committee going to portray?
  • Choose recipes.
  • Make comprehensive shopping list.
  • Will there be young Children there. Are the available toys safe?
  • Does the subcommittee want activities there be for the adults to do?
  • Keys whose responsible and the availabilitiy of
  • A welcome speech written?
  • Have you invited an Aborginal elder from the Kurnai/ Gunnai tribe to give recognition for the use of’ the land?
  • Creating a current Hard folder for this Morning Tea for guests and personal to view during morning tea.
  • Evaluation

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District Team Activites, Service and events.

Guiding world wide is designed to be copied, duplicated and replicated.  So anything the District, the District Team and the associated Sub-Committees do means others will meet those standards.  The Youth members will copy what they see is happening around them.  Better yet involving the members in all the levels of Guiding assists all stake holders in learning just who, what, when where and why things are done, how to behave, what input there is, how their suggestions are valued… and so on.

With this in mind the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide Leader is involved many different volunteers and members in the development of various activities, services and events.  These are slowly being written up on this blog.  Please feel free to come back and see what else is in the ‘cooking pot’.

Jump Rope for Heart 2010

Morning Tea Dated 13th May 2010.

Fundraising : Use of Hazelwood South Hall

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Lists of games we have played

Sorry people I doubled up on this one.  Try this button.

.  Keep looking and this should be okay in a couple of weeks.

There are so many games that Guides have played.  Many repeated as favorites.  Others as newer versions.

Balloon Basket Ball

Decoy Cricket

Fifty cent game

Tidal Wave

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Knots and more about ropes and knots.

Under Construction.  This list will always be growing.

Like the knots and rope usage there are many ways to learn and show the knots, care of rope and any thing else to do with rope work.

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The Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District bits and pieces

Under Construction. This list will always be growing.

Introducing the District Team

Developing the District Team

What does the District Leader do?

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Lists of our tents and shelters

A drawing of a dining fly tent
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Under Construction.  This list will always be growing.

Indoor areas used by this Dsitrict over the years.

  • Burnett Park
  • Hazelwood South Hall

Shelters used by this District over the Years.

Tpes of  Tents available for use by this District

  • Canvas tent 9×9 ft
  • Canvass tent 12 x 12 ft  and 12 x 12 ft with extension.
  • Canvas tent 12 x 18ft.
  • Light weight tent 2 person expedition tent
  • Light weight 4 person
  • Light weight 6 person
  • Light weight 12 person
  • Light weight 18 person.
    JALOZAI CAMP, PAKISTAN - MAY 26: A Pakistani g...
    mage by Getty Images via @daylife
setup of NEMO Morpho inflatable airbeam tent i...
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Promise and Laws things

Under Construction.  This list will always be growing.

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