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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Play Group information as of 11th April 2010.

Mid 2009 the Gipps Guides were brainstorming among themselves for Service to the Community Ideas.  One suggestion put forward was to start a play group.

The idea was looked into and people with children under five were asked about the idea.  Several times the concept came up in both the Gipps Guide and the Hazelwood District Leaders meetings.

People were interested in getting a Play group going for the beginning of the 2010 year. At the time however the Gipp’s Guides were not enough in number to carry off the Play Group development.

Between the April District Leaders meeting and the May District Leaders meeting it was discovered that someone else had apparently put the proposal to the Latrobe City  Council who now runs a Play Group through the Churchill Hub.

This being the case it is felt that carrying on a Play Group development concept is not be beneficial to the community of Churchill.  Therefore the Hazelwood and Churchill District Team wish the Play Group, the parents and the management well.  In fact some of our new District Guide members families have children going to the play group.  The parents of these Guides have become involved with different jobs that need to be done.  A great learning curve is being experienced by all.  The skills of which are able to be continued as the Guides members parents support their Guides through their Guiding life.

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