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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Sub-Committee things to do to organize a Morning tea.

  • Email everything as attachments to susanc@speedweb.com.au so that the information may be posted on ours2share.wordpress.com
  • Keep up to date by referring to ours2share.com.au frequently.
  • All members to join Hazelwood Churchill District Guide[s] on face book.  All posts from ours2share.wordpress.com are automatically posted here.
  • Does everyone on the sub committee have everyones phone numbers, emergency contact details, email addresses?
  • Decide the date of the morning tea.
  • Arrange planning meetings.
  • Have your worked out the job descriptions yet?
  • Any special Guest speakers?  [ Do not make this a fundraising venture.]
  • Do you have a Guest book [ suppliments as a attendance register in emergency procedures]
  • SWOT updates – utilized the previous SWOTs and Evaluations
  • Risk Analysis Form completed
  • Does every one know the emergency evacuation drill procedure?
  • Where is the whistle for the emergency alert.
  • Invitations list drawn up.
  • How to notify people of Morning Tea.
  • What complemetary united ‘look’ is the Morning Tea sub-committee going to portray?
  • Choose recipes.
  • Make comprehensive shopping list.
  • Will there be young Children there. Are the available toys safe?
  • Does the subcommittee want activities there be for the adults to do?
  • Keys whose responsible and the availabilitiy of
  • A welcome speech written?
  • Have you invited an Aborginal elder from the Kurnai/ Gunnai tribe to give recognition for the use of’ the land?
  • Creating a current Hard folder for this Morning Tea for guests and personal to view during morning tea.
  • Evaluation

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