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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Lists of our tents and shelters

A drawing of a dining fly tent
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Under Construction.  This list will always be growing.

Indoor areas used by this Dsitrict over the years.

  • Burnett Park
  • Hazelwood South Hall

Shelters used by this District over the Years.

Tpes of  Tents available for use by this District

  • Canvas tent 9×9 ft
  • Canvass tent 12 x 12 ft  and 12 x 12 ft with extension.
  • Canvas tent 12 x 18ft.
  • Light weight tent 2 person expedition tent
  • Light weight 4 person
  • Light weight 6 person
  • Light weight 12 person
  • Light weight 18 person.
    JALOZAI CAMP, PAKISTAN - MAY 26: A Pakistani g...
    mage by Getty Images via @daylife
setup of NEMO Morpho inflatable airbeam tent i...
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  1. […] all these shelter types available the combined knowledge the Leaders of the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District have means there […]

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