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Activities List

This activities list is by no means complete yet.  Often activities overlap with the events and Service to the community.  Some times activities run in conjunction with one another.  Often with outstanding and unacknowledged outcomes at the time. Please keep checking this list out as there are many things the Guides do.

Under these general headings well see what happens.

About Our World

Art, craft and just making it.



Environmental awareness


Guiding History

Outdoor activities

Song,, chants, yells skits and bits

Survival bits and pieces

Water Activities.

Working with others.

World Guiding

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Our Youth Members activities, events and service to the community.

Activities, Events,                  Service to the Community

Over the years so many things have been done.  Some have kept recycling, others changed dramatically over time, reserfaced and were changed again to suit different needs, having different objects, people involved and altered points of view they all ended up with different outcomes.

Some times these three main stays of our Guiding lives overlapped that they should really be mass produced in these lists instead the titles will feed back to somewhere.  So please just link into where you are going and enjoy yourself.

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Science begins with ANZAC Biscuits

Eaten when ever.
The Guides are fasinated at when they first see golden syrup and baking soda mixed together. A great method of ‘accidental ‘ learning leading into why was cooking basicaly women’s work. May be even into how volcano’s and other ‘light’ chemical explosives work.How come there are so many different receipes for the same biscuit?

The cooking of these biscuits are used to encourage discussion on how and what A.N.Z.A.C. meant both then and now. Finding out about the Original A.N.Z.A.C. biscuit’s history is easy when you use the web.

What did the ladies of the time do to assist there men folk. How did either the soldiers, the civialian’s near the front or the wives and families survive during and after the First World War.

Is ‘survival’ any different now? Why is there no Peace yet. Has history been a waste?

So from one humble A.N.Z.A.C. recipe with these ingredients many paths can be taken.

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Ideas behind creating faces on biscuits

Making funny faces are great social occasion food that young and old Guides enjoy making…. And the visitors enjoy eating.

To survive the experience the working plate should be covered by the Guide Biscuits [ symbols facing up allows the icing no to run over the sides.] Now if the other saucers have the ingredients  sliced and diced thinly before hand the creating of the faces may begin.

By  placing into small bags any ‘extra’ bits and moving these bags out of sight there is a ‘visual limit’ to the actual ingredents seen. [Out of sight  ….. out of mind] Having  these placed away, and depending on the time factors, the helpers are quite happy to move onto the next step in the program or even the next job that needs to be completed for the social occasion to be ready.

We found that by holding some of the Guides and visitors made faces aside they all were happy at going home time. Whether the face got home to show parents was another matter, but at least we tried.

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Go easy with the Honey Joys

Be quick with Honey Joys. They go fast. Remind the Guides who are the cooks that the mix is very hot when first out of the oven.

We found that for social occasions using the smaller patty cases meant less wastage.

Then again we do not put every one of these biscuits out at once.

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Guides making 3 in 1 biscuits

I picked a recipe out of the net. Somewhere.

Then altered the ingredients. Rather than using just red and coco powder for colouring I doubled the recipe and divided it by six. Added Coco power to one, left one portion plain a nd then added four different colours. One per seperated mix. Now I had six colours to work with.

The swirls were made when I rolled out the mix, laid the flatened mix on top of one another. Rolled this up and proceeded to cut the log off at the end. Each segment was then the placed on a try ready for baking.

Oh yes the bits were squished together flattened and used as biscuits too.

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Grease Biscuit Tin (34x24cm)

Preheat Oven 180º C or 350ºF


Chocolate Crunch Fingers

1 Cup SR Flour

1 Tablespoon Cocoa

¾ Cup Sugar (187 g)

1 Cup Coconut (95 g)

¾ Cup Margarine or Butter

(187 g) 1-Cup Cornflakes or Weetbix


Mix together Flour, Cocoa, Sugar, Coconut & Cornflakes.

Carefully melt Margarine & mix well into dry ingredients

Press into greased tin.

Bake 30 minutes.

Ice while still hot with chocolate soft icing (if desired).

Cut into fingers or squares while still warm.

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