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Ideas behind creating faces on biscuits

Making funny faces are great social occasion food that young and old Guides enjoy making…. And the visitors enjoy eating.

To survive the experience the working plate should be covered by the Guide Biscuits [ symbols facing up allows the icing no to run over the sides.] Now if the other saucers have the ingredients  sliced and diced thinly before hand the creating of the faces may begin.

By  placing into small bags any ‘extra’ bits and moving these bags out of sight there is a ‘visual limit’ to the actual ingredents seen. [Out of sight  ….. out of mind] Having  these placed away, and depending on the time factors, the helpers are quite happy to move onto the next step in the program or even the next job that needs to be completed for the social occasion to be ready.

We found that by holding some of the Guides and visitors made faces aside they all were happy at going home time. Whether the face got home to show parents was another matter, but at least we tried.


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