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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The old Agility Brownie Guide Badge Syllabus

This badge syllabus is from the 1984 The Australian Brownie Guide Handbook  -Part 2  Written by the Girl Guides Association of Australia Incorporated.  This badge syllabus was intended to encourage interest in the subject.

  1. Jog with Rhythm.
  2. Run and leap to touch a mark 50 cm above your stretch height (under 9 years).  Run and leap to touch a mark 70 cms above your stretch height (9 years and over).
  3. Jump from a 1-meter-high platform and land in a controlled manner.
  4. Do three of these in good style:
a 10 burpees or leg changes
b 5 sit ups
c 10 full touch toes
d.      Hop 20 meters on one foot without stopping

5.Do three of the following:

a One forward roll
b A shoulder stand
c A backward roll finishing in a squatting position
d A handstand against a support.

6.Travel across a ladder bar, hand by hand  OR   Skip 60 times without a break turning the the rope backwards and skip three fancy steps OR Balance walk along a narrow bench, or on flower pots, over a distance of 7 meters .


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