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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What went behind the N K 4 project.

The N K 4 Project was taken up by the Leaders and Unit Helpers in the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District.  The project combined the requirement of qualification as a Youth Leader, the interests of the Guides at the time, a family and wider community  need for involvement and a service that needed to be done within the community. The overall planning behind the project, its objectives until completion was the need for another leader to experience the depth of management of Adult coming together, working together in collaborative ‘harmony’ and achieving together and sharing the information, acknowledging the volunteers and other stakeholders of the project.

The blankets were donated to Gippsland Red Cross during the 2009 Fires that raged through Gippsland, went back into the People at the Center of Australia with a Gipps Guides Tribal Elders, 28 blankets went to the Baw Baw Regions Sleeping Under the Stars for their chosen charity of that year.  Other blankets went to families who experienced house fires themselves, others who just needed warmth.

The people who received these blankets felt the love and care that went into each of these blankets.

What did the  Guides get out of this N K4 Project?  They learned to collaborate as well, to involve the community, to unravel jumpers, to knit, crochet and join the squares together.


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