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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Draw different clouds.

There are lots of visual stimulations that can make the Guides relate to the what they see in the clouds, how the clouds are formed, and what else happens to the clouds, their formation and the type of visual weather signs the clods represent.

  • Using pictures and relating these pictures to what you see in the sky work out what the clouds are that you see.
  • Cut out pictures from magazines, off the net, or from the newspapers.
  • Go outside, lie down and just look at the clouds for 5 minutes.  Go back inside and point out the clouds types seen from posters or in a scarp book.
  • Collabrotively make a scrap book on cloud information.
  • Check on wikipedia [or other web sites] for cloud information.
  • Over  boil a large pot of water so that a ‘cloud’ mist forms.
  • Draw the clouds on a weather chart. Name these clouds.

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