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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The old Australian Brownie Guide Science Badge.

You may be assessed for one or more sciences but you may do only one at a time. This badge syllabus was designed to stimulate interest in Science. There are so many fields of science that often the ‘things’ that were of relevance and interest to one would spill over to another.


  1. Make a model glider or sailplane and kits and be able to show that you understand the use of wind currents in flying it.  (Kits may be used but you must have done the construction yourself.)
  2. Make a model of a windmill to show a use for wind power.


  1. Be able to describe one use of a water wheel (e.g. for irrigation) and make a simple model.
  2. Make a simple model showing steam power (this need only be simple e.g. something fixed to a kettle lid to show the power of steam.)


  1. Know the safety precautions to use when working with electricity.
  2. Make a simple electromagnet.
  3. Make two simple working models, toys or useful articles, using batteries.


  1. Show the assessor that you understand the weather forecast.
  2. Know the names of three different clouds
  3. Keep a weather chart for one month showing the temperature, wind directions, type of day, (ie sunny,cloudy, rainy…etc.)
  4. Understand something about the effects of air pressure.


  1. Know any three constellations and describe them to the assessor.
  2. Make a “prick” planetarium of two of these constellations.
  3. Understand the use of a simple telescope.


  1. Demonstrate the use and care of a microscope.
  2. Be able to describe accurately, when seen under a microscope twelve specimens of your own choice, e.g. dog’s or cats hair, e.t.c.

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