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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Water Activities

  1. Read a book/article/post on water evaporation.
  2. Make Bubbles – in the air, from under water.
  3. Be able to describe one use of a water wheel (e.g. for irrigation).
  4. Make a simple model of a water wheel.
  5. Try some Earth Hour activities involving water.
  6. Take a trip to the show.
  7. Simple water dye fun.
  8. Make a simple model showing steam power.
  9. Using a microscope look at what is in different water drops.
  10. Clean a fish tank of algae.
  11. List ways of getting ride of different water pollutants.
  12. Hydrologically grow vegetables, herbs or flowers.
  13. Make and use water based cleaning mixes.
  14. Clean around a stream bed so that the natural flow if the water is encouraged.
  15. Clean up around the foreshore.
  16. visit a water pumping station.
  17. Take part in a water conservation project near you.
  18. Play the tidal wave game
  19. Research how do plants produce water ?
  20. Demonstrate a survival water resource method.
  21. Try the what is ice activity’
  22. make a bird bath and note what species of bird arrive.
  23. Make a water catcher for rain.
  24. Try ice-blocking.
  25. Go for a nature ramble along a foreshore.
  26. Visit a water resource that is of National interest.
  27. Make paper cups and play a water carrying game.
  28. Visit a water area that is of historical interest.
  29. make a display on Water  ie. water saving, water making, water usage methods.
  30. Wear a PFD  [personal flotation devise] in the water for three minutes.
  31. make a water storage devise.
  32. check different water boiling points.
  33. Floods and drought are two extremes of water.  What are we to do with an overabundance of both of these?
  34. Boil the water and make a hot cuppa on an alternative heat source.
  35. Take an adult companion on an interesting walk with you around a seashore, swampland e.tc.
  36. Note the birds, amphibians and other animals on the nature walk.
  37. Photograph the various life forms you observe.
  38. Draw, paint or sketch the water life around the area you walk.
  39. Find out about tides.
  40. How are the tides effected by other variables… the moon, irrigation, land mass.
  41. Research how using the water people and animals can tell the weather that is approaching.
  42. Try the what is ice activity
  43. How are the following formed: dew, frost, clouds, snow…
  44. Explore water erosion areas around where you live.
  45. visit a sewage works.
  46. Visit a meteorological station.
  47. Try the water watch.
  48. Report what you have seen on the water edge ramble.
  49. Using a net go water dipping – make sure there is an Adult form with you and your Patrol at all times.
  50. Make an underwater mobile.
  51. Try boating/kayaking/canoeing or sailing.

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