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District Leader are a…

The District Leader of the Hazelwood and Churchill District can not just be a figure head.

It is part of what a  District Leader is to accept the responsibility of Guiding the District into making good decisions, experimenting with and allowing the District stakeholders to become responsive, come alive and take resposnibility while gaining enjoyment and support through the team members, those in a Leadership or helper position, the Parents and the Youth Members.

The time has past for the District to start coming alive.  Many people have placed a lot of trust, energy and support into the Hazelwood and Churchill District.  So the District Leaders job description incorporates keeping the District Alive and growing, or making the decision to close and pack up the Districts belongings.  The Leaders do not support this course of action. So a District Team, with appropriate Sub-Committees, is being developed and positive  change has begun to occur. The Capital factors are bslowly raising in a positive motion.

The other side to being a District Leader is acting as a ‘ Go between’ between the parents and other organisations.  Acting as a Channel for the Region Leader and her team.

In many respects the District Leader is the ‘ Key’ that unlocks the door so that all may enjoy and grow with in their Guiding Life.  Enabling everyone to go out learn new / ore skills, bring these skills through the District Teams Sub-Committees and encourage the members and stake holders to participate in structured activities, events and Services.  Widening their skills, using their gifts and sharing their talents. Through activating the adults and Youth members, including their families and other stakeholders the District growth should begin to turn around and become a positive vibrant growing community. Something that each members may be proud to be a member of.


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