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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Letter (dated 17th Jan 2008) to team members

Susan Connor

P.O. Box 380

Churchill                        3842

17th January 2008

Dear team member

Creating a smooth running interdependent Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District team is something that will take time, effort and belief from us all. So please bear with us

You may have been in a position where you have been part of, or seen, how an activity, event or service of any club, organization or business has a ripple effect over everyone. For instance the awareness from a Government that Australians population was not young enough lead to policies and financial inducements that have encourages Australia to increase to birth rate.  The benefit to the Girl Guides is that there is a wider youth population to encourage our community to place there young girls into Girl Guides.

The Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District needs to be seen to encourage participation on an ever widening basis. Effectively, it is from the community that the District attracts our members.  From the families come the members [The Youth, Olave Program and Trefoil and Leaders], much appreciated assistance at activities, events and services, word of mouth advertising, labor, transport,  finances for the activates comes from families paying Distinct Subs, business donating finances and so forth. Just to name a few.

We, as a District need to encourage all of the above so that the implementation of what the youth members are interested in achieving and other ongoing challenges is possible. Making it possible for all involved to Look Wider, Look Wider Still and too Aim Higher. As the Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader I believe that as far as possible everyone should have input into activities, events and service that we are involved with. We do this with the Girl Guide Youth and we, as a District, will be brainstorming future activities, events and services in the future. Mind mapping what is brainstormed out in selected ‘focus areas’ and building upon the activity, event or service.   In general; ownership by all, but coordinated through one person, [leader or parent], and overseen by the District Leader.

Communication between all parties is essential for people’s peace of mind. The person who coordinates the activity, event or service will over time have involved other people –their family members, the community, and within guiding.  These people need to be remembered, their ideas acknowledged, the pre planning through to the post evaluations put into a journal. The District has an email address at whynotgirlguides@gmail.com a Blog space at ours2share.wordpress.com and an open to parents, careers, and Leaders monthly District meetings where a brief written formatted report will be handed in. This report is to be written that in dot point form covers the focus areas.  Dot point form: easier compilation, reading and referencing. Every member of the team may be invited to write something for you.

Open communication lines leaders to informed choices, greater participation and an infectious growth in membership.

Thank you for assisting the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District to heighten its profile within our community. Your help and support is relied upon and appreciated.


Susan Connor

Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader

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