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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Playing ‘Tidal Wave’.

This is a great game.  The Guides do need space between them (not too much though) though so that they are not bumping into each other with their arm movements.  We found that getting the Guides to run around and stop on “STOP” and firming a circle was fun and part of the game.

There is no equipment needed.  Which is good as when the Guides are getting resless this game can be sprong on them as either a time filler or an energy realse game.

The Guides form a line and must have their hands joined through out the game.    As the Guide make the ‘waves’ with their arms and bodies at the given instructions the game can have a fast or a slow pace.  The game is also fun in the pool.  Just make sure the little Guides are definatly in the shallow end of the pool.

The Leader Calls:

  • ROUGH-               Guides throw their arms and bodies about as if in rough sea.
  • CALM –                  Guides are perfectly still.
  • ROLLING –           Guides wing their arms around in a circle.
  • HIGHT TIDE –     All Guides reach up as far as they can.
  • LOW TIDE –          All Guides bob down.
  • TIDES IN –            All Guide rush forward.
  • TIDES OUT –         All Guides rush back.
  • TIDAL WAVE –    All Guides together must make as big wave as they can.

When played in water an adult Leader runs the game for Occupational Health and Safety reasons.  Please have your land based spotters on hand.

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