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PURPOSE: To demonstrate the importance of two way communication

EQUIPMENT: Fifteen toothpicks per person

TIME:      Approximately 15 minutes

METHOD: Every person finds a partner

back on the ‘archi tect ‘

Pairs sit back to takes the role of the ‘builder’.

floor. One person the other is

Architects arrange their toothpicks in a pattern of their choice on the floor in front of their sitting position, out of.sight of their partners.

Architects must then describe to their builders the exact pattern, which the builders must try to duplicate by listening to the instructions given. Builders must place their toothpicks where they are instructed to do so. No discussion is permitted.

When the builder has finished, architects and builders should compare their efforts.

Second time – reverse roles. Architects become builders, builders become architects. Repeat the procedure as before, however allowing two way flow of information. Builders not understanding instructions may ask for more information or clarification from their architects.

Compare end product with design.

Invariably, results of the second style of

work are better than the first ie the best results

come through two way communication rather than

one way, where there are frequently misunderstandings

and incorrect assumptions made.


t understand

How the
did builders ins true tions
dldn i

feel when they

given but couldn’t ask for help?

Which situation felt more comfortable for all concerned – where there was one way or two way

grea t

Why? Was there achieved?

communication? in the results

In what situations could one way communication be effective? Where is two way communication more suitable?

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craft index

There are quite a few crafts that have been  made.  As they are written up  their links will be short listed alphabetically.  Press the linking key just to see them alphabetically listed.

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Making a friendship bracelet.

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Art, Craft and just making it.

Making a friendship bracelet

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The Giving of a Friendship Braclet

There are often times at Guide meetings when one Guide is wanting to make a friendship bracelet for another person. This is a time consuming activity when the youngest of the Guides begins.  How ever when teamed up with someone who does not do the making for the first person the first person does actually get a big kick from the Bracelets completion.  How ever the first person gets a bigger kick out of tying the bracelet onto the wrist of the second person.

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