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Disco 2010

Food on the table:

Cheese Cake Peppermint Brownie, Cheese Cake with raspberriesChocolate balls, Chocolate balls with Sprinkles, Chocolate Crunch Fingers, Edible faces, Jelly Cubes, Pop Corn.

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Food for the Discos, Parties and Celebrations

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We have a lot of fun when organising the food list for these activities.  The food just has to be sampled first, then the recipe added to our growing list of recipes.  Then again with the District Team helping out too a lot more food is there.  Parents, friends and Guides can assist the District Team.  The events are also bring a plate affairs.  So the variety gets even bigger.

Click on the links to see what food was at what activities.


2009, 2010

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Organizing Discos, Parties and Celebrations

Pre Planning

Check out what other people think should happen  – ask them for Guidanace.

Lists of things to do.

Equipment lists

Food chosen

Music Lists

Themes so far

What happened at the  Discos, Parties and Celebration themselves.

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Planning for the 2009 disco


Planned for disco for 2009

-Payed for disco items with the subs from both the guiding groups

-Food for disco…Party Food…


*Hot food





-Colour theme- FLOURO

-Open for Male && Female

-Prizes for best dressed and dancing coupleY

. Invite List closes 1 week after holidays finish

– Date- Saturday Night 7:00 till 9:00

-Security Guards

-Saturday Night 7:00 till 9:00


-Age 9-15

-No aerosols

-Organise taxi

-Gold Coin donation

-Bottles of soft drink

-Throw away cups

-plastic plates

-plastic cutlery



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Developing a District Water Activities team

Susan Connor

P.O. Box 380

Churchill                        3842

17th January 2008

Dear Leaders

Creating a District team is something that will take time, effort and belief from us all. Having to re-line myself back into protocol of Guiding is a challenge to me.  Running activities such as meetings, presentations and just being a trainee District leader is a shock to my system, so please bear with me.

Organizing the Hazelwood and Churchill District to operate on an interdependent basis which is where the effect of one activity has a ripple effect over everyone (parents, leaders, Gipps, friends, District Leader [even Region and State to an extent] is an ongoing challenge. I believe that as far as possible everyone should have input into activities, events and service that we are involved with. We do this with the Girl Guide Youth and we, as a District, will be brainstorming future activities, events and services in the future. In general; ownership by all, but directed through one and overseen by the District Leader.  In this case me.

Someone is then chosen to direct that activity, event or service.

With regards to the Water Activities all three of our qualified Leaders know what to do. It was asked that there be a Water Activities person for this District as we currently do not have one. With due consideration the next person in this District who has an interest in water activities ie boating, will be asked to take on the water activities person role.

Like any activity brainstorming among all at the District meetings has allowed for different ‘focus areas’ to emerge. Suggestions are below.

Focus Areas and suggestions

  • Dates that will fit into the overall picture of the District and Region events.
    • Dates are to be chosen then  ask the Regions Water Activities team to choose two. The District then prepays the water activities fee and this conforms the booking.
    • The chosen dates of the activity should allow all involved to practice their swimming with us. The dates also should allow for the participants to be assessed as being competent in the water.
    • Ample time for the paper work to get to the Regions Water Activities team to process and parents to finance.
    • The canoeing is for all youth who pass the required assessments, are registered, current and participating members.
  • Pre canoeing.
    • Guide Lines read, understood and shared.
    • Pre site choice.  This is between you and the Region Water Activities personal.
    • Finances: What is the minimum cost and how do we recoup the districts money?  The minimum charge will be ten dollars and covers the canoe hire and petrol, a thank you gift and food/drink to be provided.
    • Dietary requirements: see below.
    • Promotion and PR:
    • Water competency and safety assessment of all involved. As mentioned below.
    • Those interested in pursuing \ badge work to begin.  Training in tent [erection, maintance etc of shelter] requirements.  Parents to organize work family or social obligation rosters.
    • First aid check
  • Intake and energy requirements:
    • At the meeting past experiences were discussed with the sometimes inadequate provisions of families re energy requirements for participants.  ,
  • Parental and others involvement,
    • Always a plus.  Some of the parents who will want to assist still need the Guiding Police Check still and the Working with Children application going through.
    • What about contacting the Lynx and the Gipps?
  • General safety:
    • Who have you been able to get that will stay on the shore line and not be involved in anything else why the canoeing is on?
  • Activities.
    • Dry land activities? Who and what.
  • Transport.
    • Map and who is going with whom.
  • Communication:
    • Posters made by whom and put on the notice board.
    • Activity sheets filled out for swim nights and the canoeing done now as there are costs involved.
    • Organizing some very interested girl guides to come up with a PR promotion idea and its implementation.
    • Notification to parents via activity sheets and the Districts Blog.
    • Writing something for the Blog,…  And updating it.
    • And all this information should be emailed to me on
      • hazelwoodchurchilgirlguidedist@gmail.com.  So that I can place it on the Blog, inform my mentor and Jane and any parents that ask me questions.  ie what happening and why, with whom and can I check up on , or be involved with.

With regard to water activities, the person ‘chosen’ to be the district water activities person, will have all enquires directed to them. I am happy for this to be the way of things as a District Leader – providing that team that you develop and work with will abide with Guide Lines’. Develop a journal recording the above that is able to be placed on the District Blog – ‘ours2share.wordpress.com’.  Every member of the District water activates team may be invited to write something so that the others on the district may read them and be kept up to date

At each District meeting a quick overall report is to be written that in dot point form covers the focus areas.  Dot point form: easier compilation, reading and referencing.

Basically there is nothing new in the above requests.  As a Hazelwood and Churchill Guide Leader you have had the multitasking of activities and event training and practice shown to you until you are familiar and able to in turn encourage and show others how this step by step process is completed.  That is team work and delegation.

Than you for taking this on.


Susan Connor

Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader


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Visit Four World Centres

Visiting the Four World Centers is done in so many different ways that the creative imagination of all can be an awesome thing. The activities and games chosen by the guides and /or leaders preparing this program may have been previously included in the previous years program.  Next time the program is designed though choose other games and activities the Guides have done.

This is one program that was run on a Thinking Day program meeting.

• Preparation” Place chairs in centre to represent a plane. Set up activities in the 4 corners.

Prepare boarding passes and passports

• “Our Cabana”: Mexican Hat Dance, eat corn chips and salsa dip, break paper bag pinatas or make festoons

• “Pax Lodge”: Play Thinking Day relay, eat scones, jam and cream

• “Our Chalet”: Play the Chocolate Game  or “Les Grelots”, make a snowstorm in a jar

« “Sangam”: Sing “One Elephant”, try Mehendi, drink water or cordial

• Pay Thinking Day money to land back in Australia

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Game: “Musical Statues”

There are seveal ways of playing Musical Statues.

Basically to a littenany of sounds [ clapping, singing, using taped music,story telling…] the Guides either

a) move around around the room

b) they stand in one area and they bend

c)move in time to the music ar along with the story.

Following the guide or Leader who is directing the sounds or story they might be the last one that stops when the  “stop” button is pushed.

For instance if the music sounds like it needs marching to they march.  Should a story say something about hiding they mime being or going into hiding.

Depending on the rules of the game the Guides being the last or funnest or most creative may sit outside the game circle. Or they may be rewarded by being the Guide who either operates the music, tells the story, or chooses who should be “Next”.

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