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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What is a Minute Game

Guides sit in a circle – out of sight of any clocks.

They must also not look at their own, or anybody else’s, watch.
To begin with  leader, holding a watch, says “Go”.

Each Guide remains seated until she feels that one minute is up.

Then she stands up.

The one who stands up closest to the minute is the winner.

Now the ‘winner’ of the last game becomes the watch holder.

The game begins again.

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Blindfold knotting

The Guides put on blindfolds.

The leader moves around the circle, holding a piece of rope knotted in one of the knots known by the Guides.
EachGuide may finger it for about 10-15 seconds to determine which knot it is.
On a signal, each Guide then ties what she considers to be the right knot.

The first one who ties the correct knot is the winner. (Best done in a small group).

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Bird, Beast, Flower

Provide each Guide with a sheet of paper with a list of headings on the left hand side.

Or each Guide could write down the list given by the leader.

The following are sample headings: Bird, beast, Flower, Fruit, River, Town, Tree.
The leader selects a letter.

Each of the Guides are asked to write in names of birds, beasts etc.. alongside the headings – as many of each as they can that begin with that letter.

A variation is to allow each Guide to put in one heading based on her interests – Sport, Car, Colour etc..

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Anatomy Game

Guides are in a circle with one Guide in the centre.

The centre Guide faces one Guide, points to (for example) her ear and says “This is my elbow”.

The Guide being faced must immediately point to her elbow and say “This is my ear”.

If she responds correctly, she keeps her position and the centre player turns to someone else, points to her nose and says “This is my foot” and so on.

Any Guide giving an incorrect answer becomes the centre player

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Alphabetical Drama

this is a great campfire game as well as a in meeting game.

Guides sit in a circle.

To begin the game, a subject and a letter is chosen.

For eg: Making my Promise and the letter  ‘Z’.

The first Guide speaks a line of dialogue beginning with that letter.

The second Guide in the circle must begin with the next letter in the alphabet, and so on in rotation, trying to get as far down the alphabet as they can.

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Follow the Leader campfire game

Guides sit in a circle with ‘it’ outside the room. One Guide is chosen to be the leader, unknown to ‘it’. When ‘it’ returns to the circle, the Leader initiates a series of motions – scratching nose, rubbing chin, clasping hands etc.
‘It’ tries to determine who is the Leader and is allowed three tries.

After three tries, and if she guesses the Leader, another ‘it’ is sent out and another Leader is chosen.
Caution Guides not to make it evident that they are watching one person.

The Leader must initiate a new action at least every ten seconds.

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Guide Promise Relay Race

Patrols form up at one end of the hall with Patrol leaders standing on a start line and with Patrol members in line behind them.

On signal, each Patrol Leader races to the other end of the hall, writing the first word of the Guide Promise on a piece of paper.

She returns and touches the second Guide who writes the second word and so on.

Patrol Leaders go to the back of the Patrol after touching the second Guide.

The Patrol moves up to the start line every time a Guide leaves to run in the race.

The winner is the first Patrolto complete the Guide Promise correctly and be sitting quietly in a row.
(Note: the texta should be left with the paper to avoid any injuries in passing it to the next Guide)

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Balloon Bursting

Give each Guide a balloon and have them blow it up to standard size.

The balloons are tied to the end of an 18 inch piece of string which is then tied to the left ankle.

Guides pair off and on a signal try to burst the other Guides balloon.

When half of the Guides have burst their opponents balloons, the winners pair off again.

This continues until only one Guide remains.

Another option is to have all Guides trying to burst other pGuides balloons.

This continues until only oneGuide has a balloon that is not burst.

Guides must step out when their balloon is burst.

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Quick Pursuit

Guides line up evenly spaced around a circular course.

On signal, all Guides run in the same direction around the circle.

The idea is for each Guide to pass the player in front of her.

Those who are passed drop out.

The race continues until one is left or until time is over.

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Hopping Sticks

Patrols line up in relay formation.

Sticks are spaced out in front of the teams like a ladder.

On signal, first guides in each team hop out landing between each stick until she comes to the last one.

She bends down, picks up the stick and hops back to her Patrol.

As she reaches her Patrol, the second player repeats the action.

When all have had a turn the game is complete.

First Patrol to finish is the winner.

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