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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Planning for Thinking day 2007.

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Towards the end of 2006 the Guides were working out the calendar for 2007.  there was so much that they desired to do that trying to slot things in meant doubling up or eliminating things.

Since the next year [2007] was going to be the year the Hazelwood Guide Unit turned fifty [50] years old they Guides decided that combining the 2007 World Thinking Day activities with a District celebration  was a good idea.

But what were they going to have and how were they planing on how to organize the activities they chose?  The first thing to was to get together to brainstorm for what was to occur on the day. The thinking was that since the year for the District was the 50th Birthday why could the guides not combine two things.  Do some research on what games were around then.  Like how did the egg and spoon race work? Where would the equipment come from?  Who used hessian sacks any more and could w

e get some for the sack race? What knots to learn and how did the three legged race work? How did games like Soccer and Kick Ball differ?

The results were to have different people doing different jobs on the day.  Since sometimes people cannot get tot things on the day then the Guides decided to bring everything they might need the week before.  So that they would not forget lists were hand written and sent home.

Previously the Guides worked out that different schools had different rules for doing things.  So they set out different overall rules for the day and for the various activities.

The Guides also decided that they would each invite a friend for the day.

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