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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Double Dutch Skipping

Double Dutch is a version of jump rope that originated in the Netherlands. Two long ropes are swung at the same time in opposite directions. You have to be sure-footed to jump this way.

As the guides are working on this challenge there is a lot of concentration going on.  At the Hazelwood South Hall we worked two simultaneous Double Dutch ropes going at one, along with a snake rope game and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.

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Jump Rope

Jumping rope is something children and adults enjoy doing all over the world.

Just as in North America, kids take turns jumping and turning the rope, usually chanting to the rhythm of the rope.

What are some of the jump rope rhymes you know?

Ask your friends from other cultures to chant (and translate) some of their favourites.

Communicating September 2002 p 8

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Well the Gipp’s Guides thought that a Jump-Rope-for-heart day was just too much  competition with the Younger Guides.  However since the Skipping was being done,  the skipping ropes were there and the Gipps Guides were being ‘roped’ into getting fit anyway these adventureous Guides decided to raise money for the Local Kinder.  Some had Children already at the Kinder.  Other just knew of children that were unable to afford to attend and see the ‘clowns’ at the kinder in action .  So the following press release was sent to the newspapers after the event.

Putting a bounce in life had the Gipps Guides members in the Bounce-a-thon on 8th September 2000.  Members of the public were encouraged to join in during the two hours the Bounce-a-thon ran.

A big thank-you to everyone who participated on the day and to the sponsors. The money raised goes towards the Clowns visiting the Glendonald Kinder.

Contact information Susan Connor on 0413100230.

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Outside Maintenance Lists

The Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District have two outside areas to Maintain.  The first is the Hazelwood Hall – South East  from the Hazelwood Reserve.  This incorpartes the Front entrance gardens, the shrubs along the Gun Club fence, the’ Brickery’ and the Shrubs growing along the Reserve /Crown land boundary.

Blackberry fruits03
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At the Glendonald Maternal and Child Center the area out the front of the Main doors, and the area North East of the gate between the sheds out the back and the North East fences.

All the garden beds need raking once or twice a year, Black berry needs to be removed, shrubs trimmed back.  Tan bark needs to constantly be added to the Hazelwood South shrubs.  The removal of all harmful material needs to be done as well. Basically what is needed was to have kept up the drought resistance measures that were started early in the 1990’s.

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Shrubs are growing.

The planting of ‘native’ to this Hazelwood / Churchill area shrubs has begun again hear the Hazelwood South Hall as a wind break for the reserve.  The farmer’s land behind the Hall has shrubs that stand about three meters tall now.  These shrubs, when mature, are going to be an effective windbreaks and water uptake, as the area is exposed to some high winds and the land always seems boggy during the wet times. After all the land used to be swamp like apparently before grazed. Which could be why we have begun to find many small frogs out the back of the Hazelwood South Hall.

Now there are shrubs being transplanted in double rows between the farmers corner fence, along the Hazelwood South Reserve and the Hazelwood South Hall and surrounding Crown Land area.  There has to be an area between the Hazelwood South Hall and the first shrub as otherwise the mowing tractors cannot get in to do their job.

Further maintenance will always be a job for the Hazelwood and Churchill District Team and the Guides as we have two outside areas to look after..

The area between the Back of the Hall [complete with “Brickery”], the farmers fences and the shrubs aligning the Reserve land is gradually being made so that the Guides may safety and unobtrusively be able to do things outside with out feeling as though everyone using the Reserve, or watching the Soccer or even driving along the Tramway Road are looking in and staring at them.

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The ‘Brickery’ is done.

Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota.
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Wow.  The brickery has been made.  A big thank you to all the District Team members who have made this environmental garden happening  a thing to be proud of.

All that’s left to do now is spray where the black berry was growing, whipper snip around the paths, plant some herbs  [the sunflowers are already planted] and watch the small shrubs trans-planted along the Hazelwood South Reserve and Department of Sustainability land grow.

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Rubbish bins do not need to overflow

When District Team members utilize the Hazelwood South Hall this is not a sight that I want to see….at any time.

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What Flies?

The leader calls out names of things that fly and things that don’t fly, flapping her arms no matter what (just to confuse things).

When she says something that does fly, the girls flap their arms, when she says something that doesn’t fly, they must hold still.

Anyone who flaps when they aren’t supposed to is out.

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Balloon Volleyball

Guides are evenly spaced in a defined area.

The object is to keep the balloon from touching the ground for as long as possible.

No Guide may touch the balloon twice consecutively, so that all Guides are encouraged to participate.

Variations: * Introduce a second or third balloon according to skill level and Unit size.

* Repeat activity using different body parts such as elbows, one hand only, hopping on one leg, knees, feet, head.

* A little water in the balloon gives an “unknown” focus. … play outside if there is water in the balloon.

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Friendship recipe game

Brainstorm with the Guides, qualities needed to be a good friend. The Guides working in pairs write their recipe for friendship using the suggestions

from the brainstorm.

Example: 1/2 cup smiles, pinch of wisdom, dollop of humour, handful of

loyalty, smidgen of patience.

Add all ingredients and cook with a warm hug.

The recipe can be written onto a bookmark sized piece of cardboard and decorated.

This would make an original gift for a friend.

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