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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Elastics takes practice.

What  we used was a piece of elastic that measured about 1 cm wide and was sewn together at both ends. The Elastic was 3 meters long unstretched.

Two Guides stood in the elastic.

Other Guides jumped into the elastic then out, back in and out again.

Or the Guides chose a number. Then jumped in to the elastic, out of the the elastic then twisted themselves around.  Their feet taking the elastic with them.  Once landed they twisted the other way until the number they had chose came about or they faltered in the process.

At other times the Guides jumped into the elastic, then onto the elastic then either back in or back out of the elastic.  Some went on to do the twist move and repeated the process the other way.

Once the Guides get a hang of this game the versions they come up with, the challenges they improve on matches the laughter that is heard.

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