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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Outside Maintenance Lists

The Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District have two outside areas to Maintain.  The first is the Hazelwood Hall – South East  from the Hazelwood Reserve.  This incorpartes the Front entrance gardens, the shrubs along the Gun Club fence, the’ Brickery’ and the Shrubs growing along the Reserve /Crown land boundary.

Blackberry fruits03
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At the Glendonald Maternal and Child Center the area out the front of the Main doors, and the area North East of the gate between the sheds out the back and the North East fences.

All the garden beds need raking once or twice a year, Black berry needs to be removed, shrubs trimmed back.  Tan bark needs to constantly be added to the Hazelwood South shrubs.  The removal of all harmful material needs to be done as well. Basically what is needed was to have kept up the drought resistance measures that were started early in the 1990’s.

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