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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Shrubs are growing.

The planting of ‘native’ to this Hazelwood / Churchill area shrubs has begun again hear the Hazelwood South Hall as a wind break for the reserve.  The farmer’s land behind the Hall has shrubs that stand about three meters tall now.  These shrubs, when mature, are going to be an effective windbreaks and water uptake, as the area is exposed to some high winds and the land always seems boggy during the wet times. After all the land used to be swamp like apparently before grazed. Which could be why we have begun to find many small frogs out the back of the Hazelwood South Hall.

Now there are shrubs being transplanted in double rows between the farmers corner fence, along the Hazelwood South Reserve and the Hazelwood South Hall and surrounding Crown Land area.  There has to be an area between the Hazelwood South Hall and the first shrub as otherwise the mowing tractors cannot get in to do their job.

Further maintenance will always be a job for the Hazelwood and Churchill District Team and the Guides as we have two outside areas to look after..

The area between the Back of the Hall [complete with “Brickery”], the farmers fences and the shrubs aligning the Reserve land is gradually being made so that the Guides may safety and unobtrusively be able to do things outside with out feeling as though everyone using the Reserve, or watching the Soccer or even driving along the Tramway Road are looking in and staring at them.

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