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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Tropical Mini Olympics

Patrol Preparation

  • Make up a patrol or team banner or flag.
  • Make up a patrol chant
  • On the day, fill the water balloons and prepare the equipment.


  • A scoreboard (space for up to 50 points.)
  • Point cards that are laminated (easier for reuse )
  • Bowls of paint and a sponge for each patrol.


  • Scores are kept by the winning patrol tossing their paint filled sponge at the scoreboard to record each point scored.
  • Points are lost if their sponge covers another patrol’s section on the board.


* in activities which are scored over a set time, it does not matter if teams are uneven in number.  However, if it is a straight team race, it does matter and one (or more) Guides should be designated to run twice to make sure all teams have an even number of turns.  Vary who has the extra turn each race so that all Guides share this role.  If the rece is really enjoyed and takes only a short time, a second turn can be had at that activitiy.

This activity was found in CIA June 1996 p 18

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