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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Camp blanket are memories to unfold.

Memories are made to be passed on.  That way, legends are created.  Traditions are made.

Take camp blankets for instance. Sitting round a camp fire an experienced eye can see those who wear their ‘camp blanket’ in their minds eye.  The blankets may have bitten the dust in one way or another but those memory connects are there.

Even in today’s eco friendly, CO2 emissions aware society, when there are less campfires around people past and present remember the ‘woollen camp blanket’ being dusted off to ward away the chill factors.  When you were a babe in arms it had one use.  As a toddler ‘it’ became a tent full of adventure, gave security and a resting place to call home. The wearer knew the toddler knew the safety boundaries.  And then you grew.  New people came into the camp blankets life.

Today, as the Girl Guide movement goes forward some Girl Guides  remember seeing hundreds of different Girl Guide blankets.  When they were a young  Guide the owner may have let them snuggle in their one whilst they rested as the camp fire wound down.  Others may remember having their first badge on their blanket fussed over by someone older.  Either a young adult that was active and able to be looked up too.  As is often the case, “the best class room in the world is at the feet of an elderly person” (Andy Rooney).

Some Girl Guides had blankets of their own with items of relevance to them on them.  Histories, being stories, yet to unfold.

So, in the 2009/10 years, when Girl Guides is one hundred years, valuable links with the past are still able to begin to be forged.  Tales told, visual legends created, remembered, campfire traditions live on through the wearing on the camp blanket.

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