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Natural dyes list

You can color items at home using bright vegetables, fruits, teas and other ingredients that you might already have in your fridge or on your pantry shelf.

Some of these natural dyes you may already be aware of.  Add to the list as you can.

  • Red- pomegranate, cranberry or cherry juice (Trader Joe’s stores are selling a tasty “Just Cherry” juice now)
  • Pink- beets/beet juice, crushed raspberries
  • Bright Gold- Raw tumeric (based on multiple studies, it’s one of the most powerful natural anti-carcinogens; a lot of markets are starting to carry it now in the produce section)
  • Brown- “black” coffee or tea, brown onion skins
  • Purple- grape juice, purple onions skin
  • Green- spinach, silver beat, wheat-grass juice
  • Blue- red cabbage, canned blueberries
  • Orange- carrot juice, yellow onion skins
  • Yellow-Green- yellow delicious apple peels

While dying items be aware of safety issues. Creativity is okay but care and respect for others, and their property is important too.  Once the dye methods are really looked into there are so many things besides t-shirts that may be altered and given the gift of being an individual item too.

The dyes are made for a one off use.  there is difficulty in saving the dye mixes as the mix being a natural make up will go off if stored.

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