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Weigh the odds before buying a back pack

As a rule of thumb no person under 18 years of age should carry more than 1/4 of their weight.  So the most important thing to do first is to weight the Guide.  Now weigh what you think must go into the back pack.  Too much so begin to eliminate the stuff going.  Out goes the air dryer, electric tooth brush, beauty therapy items, creams and potations [ except sun screen and insect repellent].  Weight the sleeping bag, extra clothes, coat, dilly bag,  beanie and smalls.  Now you have a visual idea of what has to go into the thing you will having on your back!

There are three main types of packs on the market for you to choose from. The first – a hiking pack or rucksack. Usually with a top loading, single compartment and fully attached day pack. These are ideal for the hiking enthusiast as they are streamlined and don’t protrude past the body so they don’t get caught on branches etc. Hiking packs are generally a longer pack than a trav­el pack and this also helps with ease of use whilst hiking.

The second type of pack available is a Travel pack. They are for domestic and international travel . Since Guides do not usually wing it on a normal weekend camp don’t buy one of these just yet.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Hybrid pack. This is a combination of the Hiking pack and the Travel pack. These feature both top and front entry, with a detachable day pack, a cover for the harness and twin compartments. A hybrid pack is ideal for the traveller that will be partaking of some general travel land hiking. This is particularly useful for the week­end walk or the overseas holiday.

A Hybrid pack features

• Zip off daypack with organiser pocket

• A front pocket

• Adjustable harness with cover

• Top loading and front loading

• Dual compartment

• Lid with hydration system pocket

• Heavy duty 1000D nylon construction

• Polyurethane proofing.

So decide what you want to spend your hard earned money on and then is the pack going to be suitable. When sizing the pack make sure the lower back straps are connected around the front enabling the base of the pack to sit comfortably on the lower back.  Not the small of the back as back ache on camp is not friendly. If the back pack base is too low the center of gravity is out of wack.  Alter the shoulder straps then the lower straps.  try again. Remember it is your back. You are carrying your stuff around.  Being a ‘hero’ will not be apprechiated by you back.

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