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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

A clean camp kitchen is a ….

A CLEAN and TIDY KITCHEN IS A HEALTHY KITCHEN.   To assist you with this job here are ‘a few hints:

  1. Fire Place – see Fire Precautions.
  2. Keep a plentiful supply of cut firewood, at least 3 meters away from the fire.
  3. keep fire tools away from general  food storage.
  4. Light your fire early and have good hot coals to cook on, they are far better than good big flames.
  5. Keep food off the ground, cover with clean cloths, or keep in fly-proof containers.
  6. Tables must be clean and kept in orderly manner through out the preparation and cooking time.
  7. When preparing the food items use fresh clean food stuff and fresh clean utensils and chopping board.
  8. Keep prepared food  in containers.
  9. Cooking utensils should be kept neat and tidily stacked out of the dirt and away from the flies.
  10. Cooked food kept seperate from preparing of food.
  11. Garbage – food scraps, papers, rubbish :- Nothing is buried.
  12. Non-burnable rubbish will be taken home. Papers and packets burnt daily NOTE food regulations may require the packet labels to be kept aside for a few weeks before disposal.. Food scraps are put in a bag labeled ‘Wet Garbage.
  13. . Grease-pits must be as deep as possible with some stones at the bottom to help drainage. Or use a grease tin resting on stones or sticks in a secluded area, close to, but inconspicuous to the kitchen.
  14. . Ensure a plentiful supply of hot water for both cooking and washing up.
  15. Tea-towels and dish-cloths should be washed out each day on dilly bag line.
  16. Serving a meal is as important as the cooking; see that the servers make the plates look attractive and tempting. The appearance of a dish is almost as important as the flavour.
  17. 11. In the event of a ‘TOTAL FIRE ALA RM refer to your Standing Orders for Fire Precautions and Regulations.

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