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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Disposal of Camp Rubbish.

This list has been revised before going onto the ours2share pages as many of the disposal ‘habbits’ over the last fifty years plus the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide unit have been camping te disposal and biodiversity awareness has become more eco-friendly.  These environmental factors are incorporated into the skills gain of the Guides.
Denotes items that appear in more than one place of disposal. Depends on camp-site regulations.

COOKING FIRE [Not BBQ] – if fire regulations permit having an open fire.

  • Punk – firewood
  • Burn refuse at night only if the day’s cooking is done.
  • Chop bones **
  • Egg shells **
  • Skins, peelings         **
  • Newspaper wrappings **
  • Banana skins  **
  • S.T. tin contents
  • Empty paper packets or soap wrappings
  • Paper wrappings   **
  • Orange peel ‘**
  • Onion skins  **
  • Egg shells  **
  • Tissues
  • Hair combings
  • Band aid ends, 1st Aid swabs.
  • Gadget string ends
  • Old gadgets
  • Banana skins  **
  • Milk cartons  **


  • Food scraps  [for composting]
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Burnt and bashed-flat tins  **
  • Fat trimmings from meat
  • Scraps of food wastage [For composting]
  • Egg shells  ** [For Composting]
  • Orange peel  ** {keeps mosquitos away if burnt slowly]
  • Banana skins  ** [For Composting]
  • Onion skins  ** [For Composting or making a dye from]
  • Bottles
  • Broken glass (wrapped)
  • Alfoil
  • Empty  foil soup packets
  • Cans       **
  • Plastic
  • Glad wrap – use
  • Polystyrene plates
  • Milk cartons – (or  plasticones)


  • Tea leaves
  • Bath water
  • Hand washing water.
  • Tea towel washing water
  • Strained vegetable water
  • Washing up water before grease set up

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