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Sample Agenda for a parents meeting re camp

Parents and leaders all need to be informed so that appropriate actions and paperwork may be completed. So holding a parentings meeting makes sense.  However sometimes Parents cannot make the meeting.  When they have access to the internet the passing of the relevant information on is done through the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District by alternative means.  Still the best way I have found is by physically holding a parents meeting.  Complete with something to eat and refreshments afterwards.

Welcome – Introduce staff, explain to parents the training and qualifications you and other staff members hold. This will reasure parents that though camp/pack holidays appeal to the girls sense of adventure, the health, safety and happiness of the girls is your first concern.

Apologies – Absentees. Please note these and follow up with personal contact at a later date.

-.                 r

Aim of camp/holiday – Extension of the unit programme – provides opportunity to put into use practical skills learned. Brownie-Guides/Guides learn to live and play together. To give and take and have the opportunity to see their plans come to fruition.

Where the camp/holiday is to be held – facilities available – transport and directions for getting there – address of nearest P.O. for mail. Visitors day explained.


Duties of girls during camp/holiday. ‘ Stress that girls have helped in the planning of their camp/holiday and are quite happy with allotted duties. Explain the duties and at unit meetings prior to camp/holiday girls will be trained in the necessary skills.

Show parents a sample days programme Tell the rules the girls have decided on.

Cost – Explain that costs include – rent, food-, cleaning equipment, handcraft materials, small treats, treasure hunt bits and pieces, log book, transport etc. A balance sheet will be prepared and available at the end of camp/holiday.

General – Date when permission to camp form and final monies need to be in. Tell if pocket money is necessary.

  1. Q.M. likes to know if any girl is allergic to certain foods, also if there are any foods not acceptable for religious or ethnic reasons.
  2. As Guides have helped plan their menu it is generally accepted that apart from foods they cannot eat – everyone MUST have a go.
  3. Ask if tlere are any bed-wetters – tell about arrangements.
  4. Do the Guides understand about menstruation?
  5. Tetanus inections – when are boosters due?
  6. Any sleep walkers? – at all times important, but especially when / if double-deck bunks are ir use on camp/holiday.
  7. Are parents members of any ambulance scheme?
  8. Arrangements made in case of illness: First aider on staff and doctor on call. Parents will be notified if their child has need of medical attention.
  9. Assure parents ‘hat homesickness is not at all common – the girls are with friends and adults they know well.
  10. Swimming –  inform whether swimming is to take place and of necessary precautions explain ‘life savers’ qualifications and the buddy system.
  11. Kit List – Show appropriate camp uniform and explain if buying new slacks shorts, etc.,to purchase approved colours. Mention that a pack of dye can often do the to.
  12. THONGS ARE NOT WORN. Emphasise that parents should let the Guide do their own cases / pack packing, as part of the programme and an opportunity to put skill into practice. (Paste / enclose a list of contents inside lid of the bag / pack).
  13. Show a bedding andsuitable pack or overnight bag and drawstring bag [dilly bag] for mess gear.
  14. Stress the need  for all kit contents to be named.
  15. Parents’ Help – Tr.anspcrt required to and from?
  16. Old net or curtain for food covers.
  17. Any donations of food, fruit etc. passed in .

Any questions?

Close meeting. Please not limit your invitation to mothers only – ask the fathers along as well their practical approach is tremendous.

Good luck with your parents’ meeting


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