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Time factors pf a planned camp fire

Notes by Kath Tanian.

Programs should:

  • be camper centered.
  • Provide fun, exercise and learning.
  • be geared to the age of the participants and their interests.

That there are FIVE principles of Campfire Programimg.

  • Preperation  [includes equipment, target audience, program]
  • Practice – can you run this program
  • Participation – singer, cheerers,,,
  • Punctuality – how long until finish time.
  • Peaceful ending – leave them begging for more.

Campfire programs consist of the following:

The Campfire Leader must also organise :

  • A fire tenderer…. NOT YOU.
  • Do not put out fire while campers are around the campsite.
  • A time to extinguish fire.
  • Fire buckets prior to start.
  • Wood pile prior to start.

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