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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What can you do for activities on camp

Apart from the skills of camping, here is the opportunity for activities impossible in  any other environment.  Make the most of

it, and leave things you   can do “back at the hall” to be done there.

Try these for starters –

  1. Breakfast at Sunrise (or tea at sunset) on the highest peak, the seashore, beside a bush stream, at the top or bottom of a waterfall etc.
  2. Patrol or individual challenges, requiring careful observation of natural surroundings, stalking, tracking, birdwatching, identification of flowers, trees etc.
  3. Using map, compass, directions by sun or stars to find your way to a given spot.
  4. Have an activities tent.
  5. Make rafts.
  6. Explore -unknown country, the bank of a creek, a bush track.
  7. Walk along the sand next to the sea.
  8. Try water activities like boating, canoeing, kayaking.
  9. Visit a local farmer and find out what he does.
  10. Billy cart derby,
  11. Ice blocking.
  12. What about making a commando course.
  13. Star-gaze.
  14. What about a Guides Own?
  15. Learn, practice and use ‘old fashioned’ tools.
  16. Challenge the Guides to doing 50 of the outdoor activities
  17. Have a campfire.
  18. Gather the wood, make the rope and then construct  the camp gadgets from scratch.
  19. Work on appropriate Badges.
  20. FIRST study the relevant chapters of the Leaders and Guide books and ask the Guides what would be a collaborative challenge for all to do? Then ask the Guides ‘How’ to achieve this and also to take the challenge one step further. Ask them how personally this challenge would build there skills?
  21. Have a theme for each camp or overnight stay.  Then link each theme together over a period of time thus the wholelistic learning and practicing of skills and current competencies are achieved.

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