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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Chinese Dragon Game

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Chain Tiggy or Octopus game

One Guide chases all of the others, and those caught join hands to form a chain until everyone is caught and joined on to the chain. When they are chasing and

catching only the ‘free’ hands at the ends of the chain can touch and catch other Guides.

note : if this game gets to fast on the tail ends the guides may be ‘flug’ around.  To avoid accidents the Leader must supervise the pace of the game. Stop the game and remove with time out of one minute or the repeating twice of all the Guide Laws …loudly.  If a second Guides is pulled out then finish the game immediately.

This game is similar to the fish tail game

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In the pond game.

Everyone stands in circle, outside a line drawn on the ground.

Leader calls “in the pond”, “on the bank””in the pond”, “on the bank”, “on the bank” “in the pond”.

the aim is to trick players to do the wrong thing, “on the pond” and “in the bank” can also be used to confuse them.

When the directions are continuously called the Leader must point to the Guides that have not acknowledged they did not follow the instruction [They jumped without listening and went the wrong side of the line.]  Anyone making a wrong move takes two steps back and repeats the Promise or the next one of the Guide Laws until these have all been repeated.  Once the Promise and the Laws have been repeated once through then the game has finished.

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Beach treasure

GAther everything that is needed and place these things around where the game will be.

You have been given a treasure map by an old fisherman. Is it pirate treasure?

  • Follow the clues and you may be rewarded.
  • • Make a hat from newspaper on the beach, because it’s hot.
  • • Look for a one-legged seagull (cardboard cut-out).
  • • Follow the piles of shells to next clue.
  • • Find crossbones and dig for next clue.
  • • Make a crutch for your com­panion, from driftwood.

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Form two lines into a relay formation.

Pass a spoon of water along the team to fill bottle or container.

When the teaspoon spills the water the teaspoon still has to go to the very end of the line before the last person passes the bucket or container along to the person before her and then runs up to the front of the line to receive the teaspoon, fill the spoon up and carefully start the teaspoons journey yet again..

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Form two rows, facing each other, about 1.5 met apart.

1 team is called crows, the other is called cranes.

When 1 team is called out, they turn and run and touch

the wall behind them and the other team chases them.

When tagged, they change teams, until all people are on one team.

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Clapping Game Za Macarajah

Guides stand in a circle and extend their hands so that each person’s right hand is in front of the next person’s left hand.

Everyone says the rhyme below in time.

The first Guide uses her right hand to clap the hand of the Guide on her left, returns her hand to the original position and the clap passes round the circle.

The person clapping at ‘tap tap tap’ (refer to rhyme), claps three times. On ‘three’, the person must clap the hand of the Guide on her left—if she misses she’s out and sits inside the circle. If she hits the hand of the Guide on her left, then the Guide who got hit is out and she sits inside the circle.

The rhyme is

Za Macarajah

Sadie Ay, Sadie Ay

Laya Laya Tap Tap Tap

Laya Laya Tap Tap  Tap

One Two Three

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Survival bits and pieces


Affirmations being made

Gadgets to make


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Just making it

This covers all sorts of odds and sods that fit in anywhere but no where special.

Invitation Jigsaws.

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Cinderella Game

  1. This is a continuos game comprising of several steps.

.  “Cinderella had to work hard every day doing the household chores. But she worked willingly, always with a song in her heart.”

Hold a  help at home game and /or broom sweeping relay

“One day invitations to the Prince’s ball arrived at the house. Cinderella found hers torn into little pieces so she put it together again.”

Invitation jigsaw:

“Cinderella’s fairy godmother comes and helps her to get ready for the ball. She changes a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, cats into footmen, dogs into coachmen and Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful dress.”Cinderella

Mime of Cinderalla

Make a dress:

The young Guides can make a dress out of crepe paper      OR

Scarecrow relay:

“Cinderella goes to the ball where she dances with the Prince and eats a beautiful supper.”

play a musical  ball game

“At midnight Cinderella runs from the ball leaving one glass slipper behind. The next day the Prince finds his true love by finding the one that the slipper fits.”

Play the Lost slipper game.

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