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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

A very good game follow on

We have actually tried this game.  Only thing is we had half an hour.  The game really does take a lot more time and is good as an activity to reinforce first aid and survival knowledge.  These skills are best gained through weeks of being familiar with the injuries and the treatments before commencement. Also a large unit of guides / participants works out best for this activity as it then keeps everyone thinking.

(Reprinted from the March, 1914 number).

We were fortunate in having a beautifully warm day in the late autumn for our game. We met at the house of one of the members of our company and were then conducted through the garden, down a lane and into the park so kindly lent to us for that afternoon.

We then quickly divided our troop into three divisions, and drew up certain rules which were very strictly kept.

We chose a plateau, and marked off about fifty square yards to enclose our would-be camp.

One division or patrol had charge of the camp, with orders to defend it at all costs.

Another patrol was to attack and try and obtain possession of it, and the third patrol had charge of the ambulance section. Rules—for purposes of identification.

1. Defenders of the camp to wear full uniform.

*2. Attackers to remove ties.

3. Ambulance patrol to tie handker­chiefs round left arm.

4. Officers to act as umpires only; all details to be left to Patrol Leaders.

5. Any Guide touched between ankle and knee with staff to count as wounded and to cease to take part in the game.

6. The attackers to get a third of their number over the boundary to win; this must be done within an hour and a half.

Before commencing the game each Guide was given a slip of paper stating her injury supposing that she should be wounded during the fray; this caused a great amount of amusement.

Directly a Guide of either side was wounded the ambulance station came along and examined her “paper” of injury, applied first-aid, and if necessary signalled for stretch­ers and bearers. The wounded Guide was then taken to the “hospital”, temporarily rigged up, and there again thoroughly examined by the Patrol Leader in charge.

The whole game was very satisfact­orily carried out, and was most  “thorough.  We had several visitors that day who commented very favourably on all that the Girl Guide Movement was doing amongst girls of all classes. Most of the visitors had a special word of praise for the ambulance and stretcher drill.

From the Girl Guide Gazette (U.K.)

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