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A Wicked Stepmother And A Handsome Prince

I found this game in an old copy of Guiding in Australia, May 1982.  When I played it with the Brownie Guides in the 1990’s we had fun.  Especially when they realised they had a voice and could make appropriate noises loudly.  Then I began to look out for more games that encouraged noise.

This story was told on “Third Brownies off the Air” (Katherine, N.T.). Some may like to try it with the pack.

Either give parts to individuals, small groups, or let all join in — I prefer the last on radio, as:

•   it holds everyone’s attention,

•   it encourages greater participation,

•   the sound effects that I hear in the studios  are  tremendous    (and appeal to visitors too).

Stories of this type are thoroughly enjoyed by ‘On Air’ Brownies as they can join in and make a lot of noise.  However, as much as ‘story-telling’ is to be stressed, a story like this can ‘fall flat’ if not adequately prepared.

The following are the noises made when the various characters are mentioned:

Stepmother — hideous cackle. Knight — wow! Horse — clink, clink, or whinnying noise.

Princess — ah!

Cold Grey Tower — shiver, shiver.

Messenger — oi!

Dragon — roar.

Appropriate noises  for underlined verbs, e.g. cry, sigh etc.

The words in bold in the following story are where the brownies come in with their various noises.


“Once upon a time, a beautiful princess lived in a cold grey tower, imprisoned” there by her wicked stepmother.

“May I have a fresh piece of bread?” the princess would say, whenever her stepmother brought dry crusts to the cold grey tower.

The Wicked step mother would reply not until you’re rescued by a handsome knight.”

“Oh, for a handsome knight to come along,” sighed the beautiful princess as she sat in a corner of the cold grey tower, spinning silken threads.

“May I please have a drink of sweet wine?” the princess would ask, as the stepmother brought water to the cold grey tower.

“No,” would cackle the wicked stepmother, “You will wait until a handsome prince comes — but then, what handsome prince would want a skinny, whinging princess like you to be a prince’s wife?”

The princess wept (sob, sob!) until her cheeks were stained with tears, while the stepmother hummed down the stairs of the cold grey tower, cackling to herself. f One day the princess heard noises. Looking out of a small window in the cold grey tower, she saw horses coming.

The princess sighed,  longing to see a handsome prince, but instead she saw a messenger astride the horse. “Oi!” cried the messenger, as his horse approached the cold grey tower.

“Oi cried” the messenger “Have you heard? A fierce dragon is approaching, a fiery dragon, a real dragon. Aren’t you scared of dragons?”

“No.” cackled the stepmother.

“Yes.” cried a princess’s voice from the cold grey tower.

“I’m going to burn you,” screamed the dragon, and he ate the stepmother, as a last cackle came from her lips. Flames licked at the cold grey tower, as the dragon saw the princess.

“No!” wailed the princess as the dragon came closer, and at that moment she heard a horse.

Out of the smoke clouds appeared — guess what (…) — yes, a knight in . shining armour, on an. armour-protected horse.

Three cheers for the knight

who grabbed the princess from the cold grey tower and saved her life. Three cheers for the prince

who then slew the fierce, fiery dragon.

And  they  all  lived  happily ever after.

Chris Purdie,

3rd Brownies of the Air,

(Katherine, NT.)

(Illustrations: F. Thomson)

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