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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Game learning letters

During the 1990’s Australian Guiding had a younger section formally called the Gumnut Guides.  The motto of which was Care and Share. [The Brownie Guides was Lend a hand, Girl Guides: Be preprepared, and Ranger Guides their Promise included into the Wider Community]

Care and Share Letters On separate cards write single letters, perhaps seven or eight of the most used letters such as S, T, A, E, R, M, D, L.

These are placed face down in the centre of a circle of Gumnut Guides who take turns to pick up a letter—this may be done one Guide after the other; when a number, picture or colour on dice has been thrown; or when a signal to stop is given during the singing of a song such as the gumnut guide song or “We’re the Gumnut Guides” or the new song “Gumnut Guides have lots of fun”.

When it is a Guide’s turn she picks up a card to see the letter and has to think of a word that would help her to care or share, depending on the direction given by the leader. For example if ‘L’ is picked up and the leader calls ‘care’ the word thought of by the Gumnut Guide could be


Play this only a few times, don’t wait for all the girls to have a turn, and then make  it more of a challenge by introducing the same letters in morse code. A big sheet with the letters and corresponding morse symbols needs to be put up so the letters chosen may be matched with those on the chart, and more turns are taken.

At the end of the game, which should not be played for too long, the cards with the letters and the cards with the Morse symbols are paired, again by reference

to the big sheet.

Over the years this game has indeed been used for Morse code, personal safety, road safety, camping activities, knots and gadget making familiarization. There have been other versions all around the same cards being used.



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