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Just knots, hitches and more list

For a fantastic list of knot try this site  For a basic knot in annamation try this Guiding Site.

ABOK #1416,
Image via Wikipedia
Diagram of a Square knot (Reef knot)
Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

However there are knots that Guides from this district are taught through practise, challenges, games, making and using.  And lots more practice.  These are the:

Clove Hitch

Clove hitch
Image via Wikipedia
Ashley's stopper knot (ABOK #526)
Image via Wikipedia

Donkey Knot

Fisherman’s knot

Larks head [ or cows hitch]

Reef Knot

Round turn and two half hitches

Stopper knot

Slip knot

Square Knot

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