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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Princess ‘P’ and Pirate ‘P’

Princess Pavalova of Persia has been captured by Perilous Pirate Pete of no fixed address. He has put Princess Pavalova in Prison near the Pond of Plenty.This is a Pathetic, Pitiful and Pithy crime and we Guides of Perfection must surely rescue her. It would be better if we divide into our Patrols so as not to let Perilous Pete know what we are up to. We must not leave all together on this Pur­poseful mission and we should Pray for success. ‘We Pray for success.’

But what Path should we follow? What Provisions should we take with us? What will we have to do? Well, Pay attention to find the pool of Plenty you will have to  Pass a few tests. Each member of the Patrol will have to Ponder and Pool their ideas. You will need to be Patient with each other — this will be your most important test.

Penny Peach (a leader) will Pro­vide you with what you need to take with you. (Compass, glue, paper and pencil for decoding, paper for collage, mirror and six lengths of rope.) Now what direc­tion? Here is a clue — Pirate Pete’s favourite colours are Pink and Purple. These colours will lead you to an eight sided Palace where you will find a Packet with instructions for your next test. (The Guides search in their Patrols for a Pink and Purple wool trail. The beginning of this trail will need to be well hid­den. Hopefully each Patrol will find it

Patrols carefully move off in staggered groups. Patrols can be told that when they find the start they should move off quietly so as not to let the other Patrols know that they may have found it). A coded message in a Packet is found at the Palace. To decode this the Guides use their mirrors. They find also in the
Packet instructions to the next spot.   To find the next clue — here’s what  to do, Look around, look about — and without ere a doubt, A letter you’ll see — that rhymes with a ‘P’ It is all like a ree — that’s right it’s a ?.

Guides look around to find a flag pole in the shape of a  ‘T’. They go to the flag pole on which another Packet is found. They read this and find they must gather nature objects. The first letter of each object makes up the word Peace. After they have collected their objects they make them into a col­lage. They then follow a compass trail which leads them to a Post with Pink and Purple wool attached. Another Packet is found which says: Precious Princess Pavalova’s Prison is very near. You will find her in a Pit — a deep, dark one. Use your ropes to help her out. Join them together with reef knots.

Princess Pavalova hands each six another Packet as they rescue her.    Your quest is almost over — The Princess now is free, But first you need to Promise —’•

upon the Pixie tree. Put your hand upon the trunk — and repeat your Promise true, And make a Pledge to keep it — all of your life through. Then skip two stones across the Pool — it’s a lovely thing to try. And sit right down and eat and drink — Pirate Pete will surely fry-


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