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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Shelters have varied over the years.

Not being there myself early humans would have needed some type of shelter from the environment would they not?

The initial caves and tree houses may have been a bit difficult to pack away and move when ever the whims of nature and mankind’s needs changed. So temporary shelters were erected.  Nature would have insisted on knocking things around so there had to be something to hold things together.  Early in human history there was not the electricity available so there went nail  and hot glue guns.  Vines and then ropes would have been used.  One knot would have suited a purpose better than another.  So certain knots were put to different uses.  Different ropes tied better knots for different jobs.  Trial and error and lots of practice kept these knots current.

Walls might have been designed as fences to keep animals and other wild things out.  The bigger the area above ment that something had to be designed to hold the brances, bark and or leaves above.  Then came thatching.  In some areas of the world this and other factors meant settling down.

Other times what was used as roof for one area  was not available in another area.  Woven material or animal hides may have then been used. The walls mean people did not have to bend down whilst walking around.  Good but how to tie the hides onto the roof?  Probably despiration measures put the idea of using rope or hide tide from the hide to something in the ground.  The next step was to create something a little more permanent.  Knots had to be invented to stop the pull ropes from slipping.  Hence the picture included.

With the light weight nylon tents there are small hoops sewn into the base of the floorings.

With all these shelter types available the combined knowledge the Leaders of the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District have means there is much in this field for you to learn from.  Have fun adding to their knowledge too.

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