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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.


Games are an integral part of guiding and the inclusion is irnpoitant for a balanced programme.  Traditionally, games have been part of learning in most guiding activities, and there are many good books written specially for the guiding programme. Do not overlook those which have been prepared for other organisations we have much to gain from these.

Refresh your memory by looking up the Australian Leaders Handbook and add the following summary to your practice of games.

•     To help girls and leaders get acquainted easily and enjoy being together

•     To meet some of the needs of the whole group and of individuals, e.g. games can give girls a chance to:

— be active and noisy after long school hours.

— to learn team work and fair play.

— learn how to win and lose

— be both leaders and followers.

•     To present new information or skills.

•     To review or practise some skill.


•     Choose games according to:

—  the ages, interests and abilities of the girls.

— the special purpose you want each game to serve

the size and space available

•     Know the games so well that you do not have to refer to the book.

•     Start with simple or familiar games and work up to new ones that are harder.

•     Plan to alternate exciting and quiet games.

•      Collect any necessary equipment


•     Gain everyone’s attention and get them into formation for the game.

•     Explain the object and rules and play the game right away.

•     As soon as the girls are able, let them carry on the game themselves.

•      Help them if there are questions they cannot settle.

•     Stop the game after a reasonable time, if they play it to death, it loses its appeal.

•     in a competitive game, encourage them to play for fun and for the team, and to recognise the winning team.


The    above    rules    apply,    with    additional suggestions:

•     Sing the song first, without the actions.

•     Show the actions, one part at a time. with the girls repeating them.

•     Combine the words with the actions. ALWAYS HAVE FUN

I was so glad to have found this article in the Guiding in Australia, April, 1981back issue that I came across.  Games in a program now made more sense that just being time fillers.


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