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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Before overnight stays, camps or expeditions leaders need to

The format for preparing, going, returning and evaluating overnight stays to expeditions is constant.  The value of being constant being that of repetition.  Everyone knows what you are in need of, will offer you help and be able to help you out / direct you where to find what you are looking for. The Guides and Parents also recognise the power of duplication.  They too become familiar with their procedures and pre-camp agendas.  Therefore when undergoing training as adults they are familiar with the standards set and are comfortable emulating this Duty of Care level needed.

  1. Have appropriate paper work completed sighted and signed off by District Leader.
  2. Leader in Charge needs to be qualified
  3. Parents need to be informed
  4. Guides need to be fully registered
  5. Guides need training too
  6. A pre-camp list for the Guides needs to be sorted out well in advance.
  7. Any Medical needs and processes known.
  8. Risk analysis to be done.
  9. Emergency evacuation procedures and assembly areas known and sited.
  10. Guides need input to the planning
  11. Attendance list needs to be up to date and current.
  12. Allergies to be known.
  13. First Aid kit checked and if necessary updated.
  14. Book site.
  15. Cleaning and maintenance to be done.
  16. Menu chosen.
  17. Program to include wide games, campfire, Guides Own, free time, outdoor activities, camp jobs, patrol activities depending on time available.
  18. Ongoing preperations for evaluations to be written.
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