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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The Tarra Bulga Trail

Tarra Bulga forest
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It was decided to got on a day trip to Tarra Bulga National Park which is east of Churchill in the Strezlecki Ranges. The car was able to fit all of us who wanted to visit Tarra Bulga National Park.  However by the time we got there the trail choice was becoming limited.  It was decided that next time we would leave very early from home and then do a slightly longer walk… until we all found out how unfit we actually were.

The Trails went down and down.  Then of course they went up. The suspension Bridge was great.  Although by the look of it the really large trees underneath were touching the bottom of the bridge still.

When we got back we were glad that we had brought our own lunch as the local shop had closed for the day.

All around you there is a damp feeling as you pass under lots of Mountain Ash, Blackwood trees above, precariously hanging off the side of the banks were tree ferns and what Sue knew as Punga and

How ever of the photos that were taken these ones got on this page.  Probably cause they were all that were emailed.

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  1. […] Initially the evening was at a stale mate as no one wanted to ‘dirty’ the four new canvases.  Nor could anyone really agree what and how the canvases should be painted.  To jump start things one artist just went and paired up the members, then got the paints and poured and spluttered the tubes over the canvas areas.  Then she got the fingers into the paint…not her own .. two of the Gipp’s Guides.  Then out came the ‘No more gaps’ and ‘fill a hole foam’ stuff.  Such fun getting hands dirty. But the Gipp’s Guides got into the swing of it and these paintings [North, East, South and West…Actually they called the paintings -Hills, Forest, Desert and Cities as it turned out.  The Walk through a portion of Tarra Bulga park, [ Victoria, Australia] was soon next on the agenda… but thats a different story. […]

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