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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

+Painting plaster

The plaster had spent a few weeks drying in the chocolate moulds.   There was paint being used furiously. I was really glad there were three tressel table [Comprising of about 5 meters in length between them] 

 Plaster bits from the mould ended up on the floor.  Later to be cleaned and put in the bin. As the plaster had spent do long in the moulds sometimes the moulds edging broke.  This could have been age as well as some of the moulds are over thirty odd years old.  People have brought them from opportunity shops or had them in their cupboards and handed them on as their families leave home.

Plaster moulds were washed with hot bubbly water.

 As the Guides needed a break they went on to challenge game. Some kept at the challenger game others went back to the painting of the moulded plaster casting.

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Chocolate evening

A few weeks ago the Guides had a chocolate evening.  They all spent the entire time melting Chocolate buttons down and making molded chocolate shapes and Rocky Road Chocolate ‘clumps’.  The clumps of rocky road chocolate still had not set before the Guides went home.  So the plates of rocky road were left in the fridge.

Then came putting the plaster in the other chocolate moulds.  This dried and the next time they all met the Guides then spent time painting the plaster casts.  There was plaster every where on the tables and chips on the floor.  The Guides were good about the mess the activities made as they were cleaning up as they went[to a point]

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