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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

A District Leaders View on the District Campfire 2010

Since the Guides were unsure about attending a Region Campfire the people in this District have been organising a campfire. The strategy involved the District Leader and leaders bringing together of many personal and different activities through the unit meeting times, overall activites and the District Team. Mind you what was planned and what the result was similar in structure but had an added tempo and very different rhythm to the event.

Over the last year there have been various activities at different levels within the Districts Guiding life cycle. Some activities have been at the Hazelwood South Hall others based through the real Youth and Gipps Guide program. Then of course there has been what the District team have involved themselves into.  These activities introduced the Guides, District team and families and friends of all involved to the different facets of Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District Guide ‘campfire 2010’.

  1. To start with there was the creation of a calendar date.
  2. Then came developing the interest in the Guides themselves. Choosing the songs, action games, music [offbeat] dance and there actions/ acting and voice things were done through the Guide program.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety measures were shown and implemented through the program with the Youth members. Discussed and reiterated with the adults attending. These measures included fire safety [of both the fire and the candles used] as well as cooking preparations.  What clothing was right to wear around on a cold night with fire near by.
  4. Creating a bonded group of participants the were willing to engage in other activities that complimented the Youth program.
  5. The ‘belonging’ factors were encouraged, along with Unit identitfication.  Overnight stays, chosing of flags per meeting time which were visible upon entry to the campfire area.


The result of this one campfire night hopefully is an intersted group of youth members wanting to include a traditional [but spiced up] type of campfire into other Guiding activities.

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