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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Clean Up Australia

The actual Clean Up Australia national cleaning day lands on what ever the 1st Sunday of March each year is.

Traditionally the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides have concentrated their efforts either around the Glendonald Park [the playground and BBQ area] or the Hazelwood South Hall.

Over the years it was found that the youngest Guides got easily bored with the whole thing after about one half hour.  The older Guides got distracted after about one to one and a half hours.  So now there is a flip side to the service activity.

Coinsiding with the day is a Teddy Bears Picnic and Activities in the Park (about one hour worth).  Usually the Teddy Bears picnic starts at just after morning tea time.  And the Activities begin about three quarters of an hour later.  This way the youngest ones can go back to cleaning up the Park or just progressively make their way over to the Activities in the Park.

Needless to say to have these activities going on there needs to be Adult volunteers.  Please feel free to speak to the District Leader and ask for the necessary plans, paperwork and other District Team Members participation schedules.

Catching up on all these activities might be easier when you are invited to ‘meet’ with others with the District Facebook group.

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Action : Jess re clean up Australia Day March 2010

Action: Jess will contact the following: Clean Up Australia and Latrobe City Council to register interest. The Churchill Lions and Latrobe City Council to find out their roll in Clean Up Australia Day.

Backup plan Susan to do contacting if Jess is unable.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Clean Up Australia

One of the first Girl Guide activities that Jess came to was Clean Up Australia. Some of the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides were in Glendonald Park and Jess was curious as to what was happening. Jess joined in. Here she is today offering to organise the Clean Up Australia day in March 2010.



Action: Jess will contact the following: Clean Up Australia and Latrobe City Council to register interest. The Churchill Lions and Latrobe City Council to find out their roll in Clean Up Australia Day.

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Updates with current happenings.

This page has listed in alphabetical order the activities, events and services that the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District is involved in. Designed so that you may link into either the actual up and coming events – or link into what the organizing of what is happening in the future.  The events, activities and services projects  Further linking onto the ‘happening’ event post you will be directed to pre and post information on the updates, general information, experiences and evaluations, plus future intentions re the events and any relevant information. Your feed back and comments would be appreciated.the District Level

District Leader meetings

District Team Meetings

District happenings

The Gipp’s Guides

Through the Youth Meeting times

Water Activities

Disco for 5 to 10 year olds

Next School Holiday Overnight stay

Jump Rope for Heart.

Services to the Community

Australia Day

A.N.Z.A.C. Day

Clean Up Australia

Gippsland Car Show

Jump Rope for Heart.

Camps and Overnight Stays

Overnight Stays







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Standards for the clean presentation of the Hazelwood ]South] Hall

A general rule of thumb when having used the Hazelwood [South] Hall.  Leave the area cleaner, and in better shape, than when you took on the keys.


The hall is a Federal Government Building.  Therefore no smoking in or around the Hazelwood [South}Hall. for at least five (5) meters. Therfore there will be no smoke butt rubbish to pick up will there!

The hall is not a licenced venue. Guides Australia has very specific Guidelines re alcohol and alcohol around minors.  Follow them.

Rubbish bins.
  • There are two rubbish bins one red lid and one yellow lid.  

  • Remember the rubbish your use of the Hazelwood [South] Hall makes YOU take home with you..

  • Should you be passing the Hazelwood [South] Hall on the Wednesday before the Recycle bin [Wednesday Evening] please place the yellow bin out for collection – if it needs emptying.

  • The red bin has it’s own collection pick up different from the general collection days. So this red one stays there.


  •  Before:
    • Easiest access is from the front.  Depending on the reserve ground there is a access via the Reserve side door.  Either via the pathway or by lifting items up a level from a parked car.  Not recommended.  The back door has steps leading directly to the kitchen.  Be aware of the dampness on the ground both behind the kitchen and especially on the Reserve. be careful -Bogging may occur on the reserve.
  • During
    • All entrances/exits need to be clear of obstructions (litter, bricks, rubbish bins.) at all times.There must a direct easily recognised escape pathway provided.

  • After:
    • All entrances to be cleared of rubbish, rubbish bins unwanted rubbish and items.

Main Hall

  • The Hazelwood [South} Hall’s floor is a polished wood surface.  There is to be no scratches or scuff marks made into this floor.
    • so lift furniture, boxes – do not drag it.  If the furniture or container is too heavy then have a large piece of carpet (face down) under the furniture / container and move the item that way.
  • Cleaning of the floor involves sweeping and then mopping the surface.  No other cleaners are to be used except these :  1 tablespoon Metholated spirits mixed into the water in the map bucket..  No soapy substances allowed.  At all.
  • Mop does not have to be wet, wet when going over the wooden floor surface.
    • Bucket in kitchen, Mop should be behind the door, Metholated spirits in the first hallway cupboard.
    • Leave the mop to dry out so that any residule water goes into a bucket.  Not back onto a floor surface.


  •  Before:
    • .Unlock and position hands on the window frame…Not the Glass. 
    • Open window carefully.
    • C.R.C., or similar, will assist with the window opening ability.
  • After:
    • These are all to be closed and locked. You may have to push the window frames from the outside of the hall while someone else inside locks the window locks.
    • New damage report on any damage straight away.
    • Not on usage report any previous damage.


  • Before:.
    • Check the condition of these.
  • After:
    • `Pull over the netting curtains.
    • Leave the curtains in a tidy state.
    • Report / note any rips, tears or fair wear and tear on usage report.

  •  Before:.
    • Flush all toilets as you check the bathrooms for spare toilet paper availability and hand towels.
    • In the males one turn on the Urinal tap for the usage time as the urinal is designed to keep flushing there is a waste of water when not in use.
        • Have you lined the rubbish bins.

  • After:
    • Turn off the urinal in the male toilets.
    • Flush all touilets before leaving.
    • Wash out hand basins and down bench tops.
    •  Tip contents of rubbish bin into appropriate bags so that you take the rubbish home to be disposed off.
    • Replace toilet paper and hand towels before during and as event requires.
    •  Note in usage report the need / quantity of toilet paper and hand towels used.
    • Clean walls where necessary.
    • Clean floors by first sweeping the mopping them
    •  Refer to Floor care section.

Toilet Hallway

  •  Before:.
    • Sweep and mop down as needed.
  • After:
    • If cupboard opened and contents used tidy cupboard shelves.
    • Not what needs replacing. Put this in usage report.
    • Close and lock cupboards.
    • Sweep and mop floor.  Refer to floor care section.
  • Before
    • Are the fridges clean and aired.  Turned on at wall socket ( in hall way) and in kitchen (Above the head level on the Churchill and Morwell side of the Kitchen)
    • The urn has been filled turned on and water boiled in preparation for use.
    • Have you lined the rubbish bins.
    • Benches and table tops clean and presentable.
  • During
    • Open the swing doors and leave them open.
    • As you go along clean, wash and put away the dishes.
    • Hot water is in the Urn…when you refill it up.
    • All tea towels must be supplied by you.  Take them home please.

  • After
    • Remove all of your rubbish for disposal away from the Hall.
    • Cleaning of rubbish bins should be easy as you have used liners for the bins.
    • Benches and table tops to be clean.
    • Hot Urn water to be used for mopping of the floor.
    • Empty the dirty water away from the kitchen area. 
    • Leave no dishes, dirty or otherwise, on any surface.  
    • Place all equipment cleaned and away …where it came from.

Cleaning equipment.
  • The cleaning equipment is found in two places.  The kitchen behind the door has the long handled items, bucket and brush and shovel.
  • The first cupboard in the hallway has the cleaning supplies, toilet paper and hand towels.

Switch Box/ meter box

  • Before:.
    • Check the electrical switch box is on. located in the front foyer for easy access.  Keep children away.
  • After:
    • Turning the switch box off at the end of use.  Turn only the bottom set of switches into the off position.

Cleaning on the outside

  • Check all around the hall and on the reserve area that your party of people may have used.
    • pick up all stray bottles, cans, smoke butts, balloon and ribbon pieces, pieces of paper, tinscell, decorations and other odd items. Throw these out.
    • Is there any thing around the Hall and on the Reserve that may tempt someone to damage or destroy the hall and surrounding area.  Your responsibility to clean it away too.
          • THANK YOU FOR THIS 

Return of the keys.

  • The keys are not to be copied at all.
  • Return and sign for the keys.

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The Gipp’s Guides give all sorts of service

Being of the 18 to 29 yea age group many of the Gipp’s Guides are busy people.  They might have a family and its commitments, interests, work or study or all four going at once.  So when these Guides can give service it is much appreciated.  The service fields may incorporate their immediate community, the world at large, giving back to Guiding through unit to State activities.  Sometimes these activities themselves have a far greater reach than anyone in this District was aware of at the time.

Following is a list that is still being compiled of the service interests and activities the Gipps’s Guides are currently involved in.

Australia Day

A.N.Z.A.C. Day services

Churchill Playgroup.

Clean Up Australia,

End of Year Formal Meal [assisting with]

Fundraising… [for Guiding or the community]

Hazelwood South Hall Sub-committee

Helping with Youth Activities.

Jota / Joti Sub-committee

Jump Rope for Heart.


Morning tea Sub-committee.

Teddy Bear Picnics

Volunteering at a primary school.

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Sub committees of the District

  • Campfire
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Family BBQ
  • Formal end of Year meal.
  • Fundraising -general.
  • Fundraising- Towards uniforms.
  • Hazelwood South Hall.
  • Jota / joti
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Morning Teas
  • Teddy bears picnic

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As Service Grows

Guides find out that being of  service to our community is important. Often there are Other organisations as well as Guiding, asking for volunteers to come forward and help them with service projects.  Be able to multi task is a learning skill that Guides just absorb.  They learn early that joining in is sometimes of more benefit to all involved that trying to duplicate some activity over again.  A Guide then finds out that skills are there to be shared.  Brining back to the Guides these activities, skills and having a chance to further develop them is a big positive.

Some times this could be  just as a Guide, a Junior Leader or an Adult Guide in a Leadership position bring back to the meeting time the desire to try out a game before people in the formal learning class assess this activity.

Other time it may be the Learning of First Aid, or the gathering of rubbish on Clean Up Australia Day.  There are simply ‘Zillions’of ways a Guides can ‘Lend a Han’d and ‘Be Prepared’ to be of ‘Service in the wider Communit’y.

Other skills such as organising a Family Picnic [Teddy Bears Picnic] once a year while a service activity is occurring is beneficial.

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Things done in and around the Hazelwood and Churchill District

Clean Up Australia Day

Churchill Festival – 2010

Gorilla Gardening

Planting of trees


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Individual responsibility

BP once said the “The patrol System leads each boy to see that he has some individual responsibility for the good of his patrol’.  [Centernary challenge Book Page 18]

Guiding has a system that works on duplication.  What works at the bottom also works at the top.  A Patrol Leader is voted in.  This Patrol Leader is Okayed by the Leaders. The Patrol Leader chooses her Patrol Seconder.  Different job placements are allocated whilst each member is a member of that patrol.  Also during the actual meeting time other vasrious jobs are undertaken by different members withinthat Patrol.  This is the system that also is operational at all the other levels through out Guiding.

So the Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader has asked each member on the active District Team to each orgasnise the sub committee for an event of activity. Such as the Hazelwood South Hall Subcommittee, the Jota / Joti subcommittee, Clean Up Australia day, Fundraising for the new Uniforms, Family BBQs and the list is growing.

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